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Inmate Search Alaska: How To Find Inmates In The State Of Alaska

Inmate Search Alaska: How To Find Inmates In The State Of Alaska
August 1, 2022

The largest state in the USA by some distance, Alaska houses thousands of inmates across state prisons and county jails in its vast area.


These facilities come under the jurisdiction of the Alaska Department of Corrections (AK DOC), and this department sees to the custody of inmate records.


And because access to public records is largely possible in Alaska, finding an inmate in Alaska should not pose any serious difficulty.


This is as the AK DOC provides access to these inmate records through secondary government agencies and third-party platforms, as you'll find out in this article.


Alaska Department of Corrections (AR DOC) Inmate Locator Platform


The Alaska Department of Corrections is directly responsible for the management of prisons, jails, and other correctional facilities across the state.


Their website provides an avenue where you can find an inmate housed in any of the prisons across the state.


On this website, you can navigate to the inmate locator tool where you'll find text fields for inputting the inmate's name or identification number. 


a man's handcuffed hands behind his back


Your search would be much easier if you had any of the inmate's identification numbers.


The database from which the search results are sourced contains a vast array of inmate records.


Hence, you can find many of the things you'd normally find in an inmate's records such as the following:


* The inmate's full name and aliases, if any

* Their personal information—date of birth, sex, nationality, etc. 

* Their mugshot and fingerprint

* Any applicable bail/bond conditions

* Any related previous convictions and time served

* Dates of incarceration or potential release


The Alaska VINELink 


Short for Victim Identification Notification Everyday, the VINE portal is America's biggest victim identification network.


The Alaska VINE Link is an extension of this service for people living in Alaska. It operates round the clock to notify victims of a criminal offense about the latest in the criminal case of their offender.


a 3D illustration of a search bar


The victims will be notified of any changes in the custody status of their offense such as a transfer, release, death, etc.


By providing the inmate's full name or identification number, you can know where they are at the moment. Not only will this platform help you keep tabs on an offender, but it can also help you locate them.


Finding An Inmate In A County Jail In Alaska


County jails are managed by the Sheriff's Office or the local police department. They are intended for housing only those convicted persons serving a year-long sentence or less as well as those awaiting trial.


A typical county in Alaska should operate a website with a directory that can link you to an inmate search portal.


In this portal, you can perform an inmate search using any of the required search parameters, which can sometimes include the name or a unique official identification number. 


If online records are not available, you may stop by the sheriff's office and request the help of the sheriff's clerk.


a magnifying glass on a stack of police files


For a small fee, the clerk may help you search their records for any person whose conviction they played a role in. You can find the jail where such person is serving their sentence and you can also secure means to locate them. 

Searching the Sex Offenders Registry


If the inmate you're looking for has a history of a sex offense/child kidnapping in Alaska, they'd be required to register in the Alaska Sex Offenders Registry.


As with many other states in the USA, Alaska maintains a sex offenders registry that documents the activities of sex offenders in the state.


This registry is managed by the Department of Public Health, and it provides a search platform that can be used to keep track of a sex offender in and out of prison across the state. 


The search requirements stem from either of two search options—search by name or search by Map Link.


The latter involves mapping out the location of the offender on the map provided on the website. On the other hand, search by name requires that you provide the name, address type, and even zip code of the offender. 


a man holding a pen over a stack of paper files


Third-party Websites


These third-party websites are search platforms that provide results on queries about the availability of certain information on the internet.


If this query is about the availability of a person's inmate records, you'll find many of these websites to be of great help.


This is because third-party websites are authorized to source public records from government databases. The process involved in finding an inmate using a third-party website is pretty much straightforward. 


You only have to enter the name and last known address of the inmate in question in the text fields provided.


And when you hit the search button, the system will find matching results from which you can choose the right one.


The results may be downloaded right away or sent to your email address. And when you get hold of it you should find relevant case-related and personal information about the inmate. 

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