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South Dakota Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in South Dakota

South Dakota Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in South Dakota
July 20, 2022

In South Dakota, mugshots are categorized as public records, so any member of the public can access them at any time without needing to provide explanations.

This is according to the South Dakota Public Records Law.

The most common places to find mugshots in South Dakota are sex offender registry records, inmate records, and arrest records. Third-party websites are great options as well, even though they are unofficial channels.

No matter which option you choose, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide for each of them. 

What should I know about South Dakota Arrest Records?

In South Dakota, arrest records do not serve as unimpeachable proof that someone committed a crime, so they don’t provide information about sentences or convictions.

Having said that, they do provide basic identifying details of their subjects (including the arrestee’s mugshot), which makes South Dakota arrest records excellent start-off points in your mugshot search.

How can I Access South Dakota Arrest Records?

In South Dakota, arrest records are created and kept up-to-date by law enforcement agencies (typically the county sheriff's office or the local police department).

Interested parties must make a formal request to them to receive these records. Additionally, because arrest records are a component of a person's criminal history, the South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) offers public access to a person's criminal history upon request.

To obtain a copy of someone’s criminal record in South Dakota, you need to follow these steps:

* For a free state applicant fingerprint card, call the DCI's Identification Department at (605) 773-3331.

*  Fill in the applicant's personal details on the fingerprint card.

*  An authorization and release form must be completed and signed. Include the address where the response should be sent.

*  Make sure all 10 of your fingerprints are recorded on the card and printed at the neighborhood police department. There could be a small charge.

*  You must send the "Division of Criminal Investigation" a check or money order for $26.75. You cannot pay with cash.

*  Mail the signed authorization form, fingerprints, and payments to the following address:

Office of the Attorney General

Division of Criminal Investigation

1302 East Highway 14

Suite 5

Pierre, SD 57501

After processing the request, the DCI will deliver a copy of the criminal history report.

Dakota prison system, another way to dredge up their mugshot is to look through the state’s inmate records.

In South Dakota, the county sheriff's office is responsible for maintaining inmate records and mugshots, both of which are accessible through direct contact. The South Dakota Department of Corrections' database can be searched online to find the same information.

Only written or telephone requests are accepted for information about specific prisoners from the DOC.

How can I Access Inmate Records in South Dakota?

Anyone looking for inmates in the state's prison system can access inmate data maintained by the South Dakota Department of Corrections.

To make it easier for you to locate offenders, the Department of Corrections maintains an online database called the Offender Locator.

With the inmate locator, individuals can look up inmates in South Dakota prisons if they have basic information about them, such as their full name and DOC number.

The interested party can get in touch with the sheriff's office in charge of running and managing the jail if the detainee is housed there. If a sheriff's database is available, searchers can use it to locate prisoners housed in a nearby jail.

South Dakota Sex Offender Registry

People listed on the South Dakota sex offender registry are obligated to provide their photographs.

So, if your search subject has committed illegal sexual acts in the state, to the best of your knowledge, checking this registry is a good way to find their mugshots.

The Sex Offender Registry is an online database that is managed by South Dakota's Division of Criminal Investigation.

The registry offers numerous ways for people to access data about sex offenders who have been found guilty in the state.

The Division of Criminal Investigation makes a lot of effort to maintain the website's content as accurately and currently as possible. As a result, the website is regularly updated to reflect the most recent information.

How can I Access the Sex Offender Registry in South Dakota?

Simply visit the South Dakota sex offender registry website and make use of either the “Text Search” or “Neighborhood Search” tool to locate registered sex offenders in the state.

You’ll need to provide a few details about the offender (such as their full name, address, county, city, zip code, and alias) while using the “Text Search” tool. For the “Neighborhood Search” tool, only your address, city, and an estimated search radius (in miles) are needed.

Users of the registry can choose whether or not incarcerated criminals, fugitives, and untraceable criminals appear in their search results.

Along with information on sex offenders, the registry also provides details on who must register, when they must re-register, and other activities they may take that might necessitate re-registration.

The South Dakota Sex Offender Registry Office can be reached at (605) 773-2596 if anyone has any additional inquiries.

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