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People Search Now Review: What You Need to Know About People Search Now

People Search Now Review: What You Need to Know About People Search Now
August 31, 2022

If you are looking to find information on loved ones or identify an unknown phone number, People Search Now is the perfect place to visit! People Search Now is an online public records database that offers extensive background information on thousands of people. 

Founded in 2010, the site contains billions of public records compiled from across the United States. The platform is only available for access in the United States, and it meticulously compiles data, providing instant reports once you input your details. 


You can obtain information on your neighbors, family, dates, friends, and anyone living in the United States. You can also get details about their arrest records, marital status, bankruptcy, etc., on the platform.

This exclusive review will evaluate the platform's services, features, membership, and many more!

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People Search Now Features 

People Search Now is designed with amazing features that make your search seamless and stress-free. The significant features of the platform include the following:

Reverse Phone Lookup


If you receive a call from an unknown number, you can verify their identity using the reverse phone lookup feature. This can be conducted on landlines, unlisted phone numbers, cell phones, and unpublished mobile numbers. 

However, if you can't recall the whole number, you can still conduct a reverse phone lookup using the phone directory. This is done using the first number of the area code, which will provide you with a full list of the area codes that start with that digit, together with the major cities connected with it. 

Address Lookup

You can also find details about persons living within a particular address on the platform. Phone numbers, email addresses, names of past and present tenants, and their other addresses are common search results you can discover with an address lookup. Therefore, even if you are a previous occupant at a particular address, you can still find details about the address and reconnect with the tenants and owners.  

Name Search

This is one of the most prominent features of People Search Now. The platform provides users with detailed reports about persons, including their full names, past and present contact addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, criminal records, marital status, driving history, businesses attached to their own, etc. 

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PeopleSearchNow Opt Out: Application for Information Removal

Besides the key features listed above, People Search Now allows interested parties to apply for the removal of their personal information. However, they would only entertain such requests directly from the concerned party and reserve the right to request a means of identification. 

You also have the right to request they disclose to you which of your details they have collected, used, shared, or sold and why they have collected such information. This is in line with their privacy and data usage policy.

How People Search Now Source their Data

People Search Now collects data from various private and public entities across the United States. Some of these data are collected from the following bodies:

* Telecom companies 
* Online survey
* Social media profiles
* Sweepstakes entries
* Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies
* Online account registrations 
* Rebates and warranty cards
* Posts and profiles on online forums
* Court records
* United States census data
* Banks and credit unions

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PeopleSearchNow Pricing and Membership

People Search Now offers a wide range of membership and pricing suited to meet your financial and data needs. While the site provides free services for some searches, you would be required to pay for your reports. Below are the memberships and pricing for People Search Now:

1. Trial Membership

This offer is available for users who recently signed up on the platform. This membership goes for $0.95 and is available for only three days. It includes complete access to people and phone number searches. 

2. Monthly Membership

You can upgrade your trial membership to a monthly membership for $24.95. The search results for the offer include aliases, known associates, relatives, contact details, etc. 

3. Premium Membership

You can get much more with the People Search Now premium membership for $29.95 per month. Search results include assets, business records, property records, judgments, liens, criminal history, bankruptcies, etc. 

4. Enterprise Solutions

This membership is available for businesses involved in large-scale lookups. The membership is divided into:

Enterprise light: This costs $72 per month and allows up to 1,000 searches. Search results include business data, past and present addresses, mobile numbers, etc. 

Enterprise power: For $159 per month, you can enjoy unlimited searches up to 5,000 times. This package includes property records, criminal history, background reports, and other kinds of results. 

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Concluding Thoughts 

People Search Now is the perfect place to get all the information you need about any person of interest. The site is easy to navigate and offers memberships suited to your financial capacity. Visit People Search Now today for all information and inquiries!

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