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Inmate Search in Nebraska: How to Find Inmates in the state of Nebraska

Inmate Search in Nebraska: How to Find Inmates in the state of Nebraska
August 22, 2022

There are 7 state prisons and 94 county jails in Nebraska. Since the state of Nebraska is one of the least populated in the whole of the United States, there are only about 9,000 inmates currently incarcerated in all correctional facilities in the state. 

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) maintains a database of records of inmates incarcerated in state penitentiaries.

The NDCD also offers a free online inmate lookup tool. A few county jails in Nebraska offer online inmate rosters, although you may need to visit the holding facility in person to find an inmate in it. 

If you prefer to search for inmates through unofficial channels, we've explained a few of those too in this article. 

About Nebraska Inmate Records

Upon their arrest, and throughout their interaction with the state's penal system, inmates in correctional facilities in Nebraska have records created for them.

These inmate records are official documents that detail personal and administrative information about their subjects, and the records department of the holding institution is typically in charge of maintaining the records.

Inmate records contain such personal details as the name, age, gender, and date of birth of inmates. Official information such as the inmate's offense, criminal history, and the expected release date is also included in inmate records. 

Although inmate records are regarded as public records (as stated by the Nebraska Public Records Law), records of juvenile inmates may be unavailable for public scrutiny.

Interested individuals may find inmates incarcerated in any facility under the jurisdiction of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services by searching the department's online inmate database.

The NDCS provides a handy inmate locator tool on its website to facilitate easy access to inmate records. 

Records of inmates in county jails cannot be accessed from the NDCS inmate locator tool, as the department's database does not cover inmates in county jails.

County jail inmate records are maintained by the respective local law enforcement department, and all requests for inmate records must be directed to them.

On the flip side, third-party websites and platforms have databases covering inmates in all correctional facilities in the state of Nebraska. 

Easy Steps to Finding Inmates in Nebraska Prisons Online

If you want to find out if a friend, relative, or acquaintance is currently remanded in any penitentiary in Nebraska, you may carry out a free online inmate search on the NDCS website.

The NDCS offers an inmate lookup tool with which interested individuals can search for inmates in correctional facilities in the state.

In addition to learning the incarceration status of your subject, the NDCS inmate search tool provides other information about inmates such as their sentence type, their eligibility for parole, and expected release date. 

To search for inmates using the NDCS inmate search tool, visit the department's website and locate the inmate search tool on the homepage.

Next, provide your subject's name and DOC number, then click the search button. 

If your online search request did not provide the answers you seek, you may mail your query directly to:

Public Disclosure Unit

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

P.O. Box 94661

Lincoln, NE 68509

Steps to Locating Inmates in County Jails in Nebraska

Records of inmates in county jails in Nebraska are held by local law enforcement departments.

While a few counties maintain and publish online inmate rosters on their official websites, most of them do not.

If you suspect that someone you know is currently being held in a jail in the former category, you may confirm this by checking the jail's online inmate roster on the official website of the county. 

For the most part, records of inmates in county jails may be accessed by querying the respective jail in person.

You may visit the holding facility during normal business hours to find out if your search subject is currently incarcerated in it. 

Nebraska NEVCAP

The Nebraska Victims of Crime Alert Portal is Nebraska's in-house alternative to the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) service.

NEVCAP provides essentially the same service as VINE; survivors of crime who register on the portal receive real-time updates and notifications whenever there's a change in the incarceration status of their offenders.

It's also possible to search for inmates in Nebraska with this portal. 

To use this service, visit the NEVCAP website, provide the required inmate details, then click search. 

Third-party Platforms 

Some background check websites offer inmate search services. These websites are permitted by law to access inmate records from government databases and provide these records on request.

In addition to being easy to use, third-party websites are also unrestricted by geographic restrictions. A few of these websites even provide their services for free. 

To search for an inmate in Nebraska on a third-party website, simply provide a few details about them (there are labeled text boxes for this) and click search. 

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