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Oklahoma Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Oklahoma
July 18, 2022

Although some administrative charges may apply, mugshots in Oklahoma are fairly easily accessible through official means.

The state’s Open Records Act categorizes them as public records, so they are publicly available for the most part.

In addition to government sources (which are the official repository of public records), mugshots can also be accessed from unofficial channels such as background check websites.

Discover convenient and practical ways of finding Oklahoma mugshots in this guide.


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Searching Oklahoma Arrest Records


One of the best ways to find mugshots of anyone in Oklahoma is to go through the state’s arrest records.


Anyone with a legitimate request can access arrest records under Oklahoma's public record law.


The rule does not apply to all cases, however. For example, a court may seal an arrest record so that it cannot be made public.


A defendant's arrest record can also be sealed after he or she has been cleared of all charges or the charges have been dropped. It is still possible for a person who is the subject of criminal history record information (CHRI) to obtain these records under Oklahoma law.


How To Search for Arrest Records In Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, arrest records can be accessed in person at the office of the arresting agency, or online, through the OSBI database.


To get a copy of a person’s arrest record in Oklahoma in person, you’ll need to pay a visit to the county where the arrest was made and request to see the county sheriff.


The records will be made available on request, but you may have to pay a small copying fee. Alternatively, you may check the court where the trial was held. Courts in Oklahoma also keep arrest records of criminal proceedings within their jurisdiction.


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To get an individual’s arrest records online, you simply need to make use of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) online database.


You may need to create a personal account and settle administrative charges before you can gain to the OSBI database.


As soon as your account and payment are approved, you may proceed to search for arrest records in the state after supplying such details as the subject’s name, date of birth, address, etc. 


You’ll only find records of arrests made by local or state law enforcement agencies on the OSBI database.


Searching Criminal Records In Oklahoma


Mugshots are also revealed through criminal records in Oklahoma. Oklahoma criminal records, or rap sheets, are public records that contain fully comprehensive criminal histories.


In these reports, you can see a list of any previous arrests, warrants, accusations, or convictions from a criminal court. 


Trial courts, courts of appeals, regional correctional facilities, county and state law enforcement, as well as other agencies, contribute documents to a criminal record. 


How to Search for Criminal Records In Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, there are typically three ways to search for criminal records. Criminal records can be quickly and effectively located by searching the offender’s name online on the state’s Criminal History Information Request Portal (CHIRP).


Before you proceed with your search, you’ll first need to open an account on the platform, then give the system some time to check and approve your account. 


Once your account gains approval, you may proceed to pay the service charge of $15.00 per search to have criminal records looked up.


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If you’re unwilling or unable to perform an online search, you may submit your request in person (at the OSBI) or by mail.


To make your request by mail, you’ll first have to fill out a criminal records request form, then attach payment for access to the records. After that, you’ll need to enclose your application in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and mail it to the OSBI.


If you cannot afford the administrative charges, there are options for free criminal record checks. One approach to do this is to ask the record custodian for a fee waiver.


The alternative is for the requesters to look for free criminal records in Oklahoma on third-party websites.


Searching Oklahoma Inmate Records


You can also find mugshots of people who are (or were) incarcerated in any of Oklahoma’s correctional facilities by going through the state’s inmate records. Oklahoma’s Department of Correction (ODOC) is the primary repository of these records which they make available to members of the public on their website. 


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How To Search For Inmate Records In Oklahoma


You may check inmate records in Oklahoma online or in person if you prefer.


If your search subject is being held in a city or county jail, you may pay a visit to the county sheriff or local law enforcement agencies to access their records. 


Before contacting local law enforcement, ensure that they are the agency that made the arrest.


You can also get access to inmate records in Oklahoma online by using the OK inmate search tool.


Using this tool, you can search and gain records of adult inmates in the Oklahoma prison system using their name, date of birth, or identification number. 


To search, just visit the ODOC website and locate the inmate search option on the page. Supply the necessary details and you’re good to go. 

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