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Kentucky Warrant Search: How to View Warrant Records in Kentucky

Kentucky Warrant Search: How to View Warrant Records in Kentucky
September 6, 2022

If you've ever been pulled over by the police during a routine traffic check, you may be able to sort out yourself in a matter of minutes and hit the road in a bit. 


However, things could take a bad turn if it is discovered that you're a previous traffic offender and have not cleared up your last traffic violation record. 


Along with arrest and search warrants, a traffic complaint warrant is one of several common warrant types that are issued in Kentucky.


Because these warrants are sometimes issued without the knowledge of their subjects, it may become too late to challenge them before their execution by law enforcement officers. 


This is why it is advisable to check if you have any outstanding warrants.


Doing so will ensure that you do not have to worry about routine traffic checks or an unwelcome visit at your home, office, or school by law enforcement officers. 


Should you wish to find warrants in Kentucky, you can try out any of the following suggestions for places to find them.


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What Is A Warrant In Kentucky

A warrant is a legal document that confers on law enforcement officers the power to undertake certain actions such as arrests, searches, seizures, or a seal of properties suspected to be key to a criminal inquiry. 


And while they're at it, the officers will not be thought of as having violated the Fourth Amendment rights of their subjects to privacy and other liberties.


This is because there is an element of evidence showing that the person captured in the warrant, or their property, is suspected to have violated state law by virtue of their involvement in a crime. 


This then provides the officers with "probable cause," that is, verifiable proof of a crime against the state, thus necessitating the warrant. 


The "probable cause" is then presented to a judge, magistrate, or any other authorized personnel who may then issue the warrant after being convinced that there are sufficient grounds to do so.


The warrant will bear details of the issuing officer, the subject's name, address, offense, and the warrant's validity period, among other things. 


However, if you get wind of the warrant in time, you can challenge it in court and render it invalid. Below is a summary of the places where you can find warrants in Kentucky:

At The Courthouses

Other than their chief role in hosting the judges and magistrates that issue the warrants, the courts also often provide the first stop for criminal inquiries. 


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Important court information from these inquiries makes its way to public records such as arrest, criminal, and court records, all of which are likely places to find warrants. 


Case records can either be found in print archives and online repositories managed by the courts in Kansas, through the clerk of the courts.


Through a central database system, the FastCheck Portal, the Administrative Office of Clerks (AOC) provides an online resource that can be used to view the criminal history of persons in Kentucky. 


The service, which costs $25, is only available for registered residents of the state. Warrant searches at this portal requires that you provide the name, age, birth date, and other specific information about the search subject.

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At Law Enforcement Agencies

Federal agencies like the FBI and DEA are some of the most common places to find warrants issued mostly against fugitives. While most of these warrants are openly displayed on the official website of these agencies, others may be restricted to private viewership due to their sensitivity. 


At the state and county level, the Kentucky Police Department and the sheriffs in various counties are the primary law enforcement officers responsible for executing warrants.


While statewide E-warrant searches are available to authorized persons in Kansas, the general public can get the necessary clearance to access this database at the Police Department. 


For personal requests, a fingerprint will be taken and used in the search, in return for a comprehensive criminal background check.


A number of counties in Kentucky devote a segment of their official website to an offender or warrant search portal feature. 


At this portal, you may run a search against a person using their name, DOB, gender, or offender number. If such persons have an outstanding warrant, it should pop up as part of their background check information. 

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Third-Party Websites

You can easily find warrants issued against you or someone else by searching third-party websites. These websites go to great lengths to gather public records from federal and state-run agencies and then make them available to the public. 


You can run a criminal background check or a routine people search at these websites, and find any warrants included as part of the search subject's public record profile.


This can be achieved after you provide the name of the subject and the state or county where the warrant was issued in the designated search request fields. 


The system should immediately locate any matching information in its database and present them to you for download or viewing.

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