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Oklahoma License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Oklahoma

Oklahoma License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Oklahoma
November 23, 2022

Each year, car buyers fall victim to various schemes that could lead to loss of money due to purchasing vehicles with illegal details. 


Vehicle scams like odometer rollback or title washing are usually present in pre-owned vehicles, meaning buyers of such merchandise must exercise extra caution.

One way to do this is by performing a license plate lookup. License plates contain vital details about a vehicle’s history, which can be retrieved through a license plate search. 


In this piece, we shall discuss everything you need to know about running a license plate lookup in Oklahoma, why you need to conduct a license plate search, and the types of Oklahoma license plates.

Administration of Oklahoma License Plates

Oklahoma license plates are rectangular aluminum plates containing various alphanumeric characters. 


The plate has an expiration and renewal date and the vehicle’s tag code. 


In Oklahoma, there are two agencies responsible for fulfilling the duties of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) of other states; they include: 

The Oklahoma Tax Commission

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is responsible for issuing vehicle registration, title, and license plates to competent vehicles. 


The commission also processes replacement requests, suppose the documents are missing or damaged. 


The commission provides these services through its Motor Vehicle Division. 

a blank license plate on a car

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is charged with issuing driver’s permits, licenses, and motor vehicle records. 


The department also oversees commercial motor vehicle enforcement and the provision of wrecker services. 

The official serial format of the state’s license plate is ABC-123. Oklahoma is a one-plate state, meaning vehicles must display only one license plate on the rear side. 


However, this requirement does not cover the following motor vehicles:

* Truck tractors 
* Truck tractors registered according to the International Registration Plan (IRP) provisions
* Trucks with a total weight of 26,000 pounds and above

License plates are manufactured in Oklahoma by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, and each plate costs $2.5 to produce. 


The Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Division issues various categories of license plates, including:

a. Standard license plates
b. Specialty license plates
    - Military license plates
    - Civil service license plates
    - Education license plates
    - Special interest license plates
    - Personalized license plates
c. Disability license plates

a sign that reads driver licenses

Why You Need to Perform an Oklahoma License Plate Lookup

A license plate lookup is more than just a simple exercise. It can provide valuable details that protect you against damages and infractions. Below are some of the reasons why you need to conduct a license plate lookup:

Protects You Against Purchasing Poorly Serviced Automobiles 

Vehicles with records of several repairs are likely to cost more in repairs and maintenance in the long term. 


By running a maintenance history, Oklahomans looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle can save themselves against unwanted repairs and maintenance. 


This maintenance history can be easily retrieved during a license plate lookup.

Lowers the Chances of Buying Stolen Vehicles

Law enforcement agencies have pulled over many car owners because they were driving stolen cars. 


With an Oklahoma license plate search, you can verify the title and ownership details of the vehicle before buying it. 


You can also discover if the vehicle has been earmarked as collateral for a transaction or business. 

Guides You Against Fraudulent Sellers and Dealers

An Oklahoma license plate lookup equips you with vital details that can help you distinguish between an honest dealer and a dishonest one. 


By comparing the details obtained during a license plate search, you can tell whether the dealer is genuine. 

For instance, if the seller claims the vehicle has a lower mileage reading than the one obtained during an Oklahoma license plate search, it is advisable to steer clear of such sellers. 

a finger touching a car's license plate

How to Conduct an Oklahoma License Plate Lookup

You can discover details about any vehicle in Oklahoma through a license plate search. Some of the details obtained during an Oklahoma license plate lookup include the following:

a. Vehicle registration details 
b. Market value
c. Vehicle description and information
d. Accident history
e. Title information
f. Repair information
g. Weather and natural damage
h. Vehicle part details 
i. Details on damages caused by disasters, such as floods and fires.
j. Inspection checklist
k. Maintenance history 
l. Mileage and odometer readings 
m. Repossession history

Oklahoma does not disclose the personal information of the vehicle’s owner. 


This is in line with the provisions of the state’s Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA). Some of the details protected under the act include:

* Name 
* Telephone number
* Photograph
* Addressing (excluding the 5-digit zip code)
* Social security number
* Medical or disability history 
* Driver identification number

Interested parties can conduct a license plate lookup by submitting applications at the official website of the Motor Vehicle Division. 


They will be required to provide various information, such as the vehicle’s license plate number, VIN, and name. You can also walk into their office for inquiries at:

The Oklahoma Tax Commission,
P.O. Box 26940,
Oklahoma City,
Telephone: (800) 522-8165,
Phone: (405) 521-2468


Save yourself from any unwanted troubles by conducting a license plate lookup. 


Armed with your license plate number, you can discover valuable details about your prospective vehicle, protecting you from scams and fraudulent transactions.  

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