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Nevada Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Nevada

Nevada Mugshots: Guide To Finding Mugshots In Nevada
July 17, 2022

People search for mugshots when they need to run a background check on any person. And when they do, they mostly look to public records to find answers.


These answers can be found in criminal records, arrest records and some other sources that we briefly discuss in this article. 


Nevada Criminal Records


The criminal record of a person in Nevada is a compilation of information about their past or active involvement in crime-related activity.


The details that make up these records are sourced from local, county, and state databases, as well as courts and correctional facilities across the state.



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Below are some of the typical information that you can find in a person's criminal record:


* The subject's name, gender, date of birth race/ethnicity, and personal information 

* A mugshot or photograph

* Any unique physical descriptors such as birthmarks, tattoos, and piercings. 

* Former and present address of residence

* Details of the crime for which they were arrested

* Any pending and acquitted charges


Steps To Procuring Criminal Records in Nevada


The Nevada Records of Criminal History is the central custodian of criminal records in Nevada, and they make these records available to all and sundry.


To apply for access to these records, you may register your physical presence at their office or send in a mail signifying your request. Your request form should be accompanied by a fingerprint card and a $27 fee and sent to the following address. 


Department of Public Safety

Records, Communication, and Compliance Division

333, West Nye Lane, Suite 100

Carson City, NV 89706


Alternatively, you can visit the local police department or sheriff in the place where your subject has a criminal history and request a criminal record search.


And if this does not work for you, you may try out the courts for on-demand court records. 


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Nevada Arrest Records 


The series of information obtained from the arrest, interrogation, and prosecution of persons in Nevada are compiled in arrest records. 


Officials from the Department of Police, the Sheriff's Office, and other law enforcement agencies contribute to the pool of information contained in these records.


In these records, you can find personal information about the subject, the place, date, and time of the arrest, the facility where they are held, the case status, and other things. 


How Do I Find Arrest Records In Nevada?


The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is the one-stop shop for arrest records in Nevada. They entertain requests from the public through their records center, and they give access to information sources ranging from the Nevada Highway Patrol to the Capitol Police abs other senior law enforcement agencies. 


Through a Criminal History Records Request at the Records, Communication, and Compliance Division of the DPR, you can get access to a copy of your subject's criminal records.


You may be charged a fee for this service if the total cost of your search exceeds $25 and if the department staff put in more than two hours to process the request.


This is known as an extraordinary request, and you'll be charged $0.5 for each copy in cases of this type. 


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Inmate Records in Nevada


Nevada inmate records are official documents that contain information about persons detained in any of the correctional institutions in the state.


From prisons and jails to detention centers, housing units, and other correctional institutions, the list of sources for these records are pretty extensive. They generate the data from inmates in their custody and compile them into records that are managed by the state's Department of Corrections.


How to Find Nevada Inmate's Records


To find the mugshot of any past or present inmate in Nevada, you may start by visiting the Inmate Search Website managed by the Department of Corrections.


This search platform provides a database that contains a large collection of inmate records. And when you try out the website for an inmate search, you may need to use the inmate's names or offender ID to help narrow your search.


When you eventually get access to the record, you can find the mugshot of your subject, along with other information about their case. 


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Searching Websites That Provide Mugshot Information


Third-party websites provide an avenue for anyone looking to find anyone in Nevada, or anywhere else. 


And if you want to find the mugshot of anyone in Nevada, you can find them in criminal and arrest records, among other public records in the state. 

These third-party websites have tons of these types of records in their possession, and they can help you in your search. 


How Do I Get A Mugshot From Third-party Websites?


First, you can visit any of the search websites devoted to finding people and perform a public record search. 


At, for example, you get to fill in the name and state of your subject before clicking on search.


And, when you do, chances are high that you come across the search result you need, except in cases where the subject is a sensitive case.


You'll find the personal information, employment history, and arrest history of your subject, and you should find a mugshot attached to the latter. 

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