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Ohio Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Ohio

Ohio Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in Ohio
July 18, 2022

Law enforcement agencies in Ohio create and maintain records of offenders in the state. Typically, mugshots of the offenders are included in these records.

And since these records are regarded as public records under the state’s Sunshine Laws, they are often easily available to the public.


The best places to look for mugshots in Ohio are in criminal and inmate records, held officially by the state’s designated record custodians. As an alternative, third-party websites can be equally excellent sources.


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Obtaining Ohio Criminal Records


When you go in search of a person's mugshot in Ohio, the state's criminal records can be an excellent start-off point. 


Criminal records in Ohio (also known as rap sheets) are compiled and maintained by government and law enforcement agencies.


In these criminal records, a wide range of offenders' details are recorded, including their physical descriptions, convictions, and official arrest details. 


All of these records can be accessed at the state, county, and municipal levels. 


How to Obtain Ohio Criminal Records?


You can get access to criminal records in Ohio in two ways. You may search The State Bureau of Crime Identification and Investigation (BCI&I) database for criminal records, or you may make your request in person at the appropriate sheriff's office. 


If you're using the second option, you may need to know where your search subject currently resides, as you can only get the record from the local sheriff of the place your subject resides.


The sheriff's office will produce the records, though a small charge may apply. That said, you may be able to get off with just paying for the copy costs in some places. 


To use the BCI&I database, you'll need to submit a complete set of fingerprints at a WebCheck Location.


A charge of $22 applies and the records will typically be delivered within one business day. 


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Obtaining Ohio Inmate Records


Another way to find mugshots of people in Ohio is to go through the state's inmate records. 


Note that this only applies if the individual is or has been incarcerated in any of the state's correctional facilities. 


The state of Ohio keeps written records of prisoners who enter its jails or prisons. 


Jail records contain pertinent information about the inmate, including their identity, offense, admission date, and, if known, their anticipated release date.


How to Obtain Ohio Inmate Records?


Inmate records in Ohio are maintained and updated by the state's Department of Corrections (DOC).


In these records, you may find the names of inmates, their photos, convicted offenses, and other administrative details. 


You may find records of inmates in Ohio by either visiting the jail in which they are held or by using the Offender Search Tool on the DOC's website.


You can also use the tool to locate the particular prison where they're being held if you do not know. 


To use the DOC's Offender Search Tool, visit the department's website and locate the tool. Next, provide the required details to perform a search, then click the search button. 


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Obtaining Ohio Sex Offenders Registry


The Ohio Sex Offender Registry is a detailed repository of information on sex offenders in the state, making it an excellent provider of mugshots.


All of the information about the state's registered sex offenders is kept in a database called the Ohio sex offender registry. 


This registry is open to the public and contains information about the criminals listed there, including their names, characteristics, whereabouts, and offenses.


How to Obtain Ohio Sex Offender Registry?


Simply visiting the Ohio sex offender registry page online will provide you access to the state's sex offender registry.


As soon as you land on the page, you will be required to give some personal information about the offender or pertinent case circumstances.


Your search subject will appear in the registry along with extensive information and a mugshot.


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Platforms For Procuring Mugshots


Third-party websites typically gather public records from government databases and a variety of other sources and provide search results at the click of a button, making them among the fastest and easiest way to access public records.


You may be charged a small fee to use these services, although a few of these websites provide free access to their database. 


You may also be required to register on their platform.


Accessing a Mugshot From Third-Party Websites


To use the service provided by third-party websites, visit the website, then select the service you’re after. 


Most of these platforms offer other services apart from people searches such as phone number and address lookup.


Once you’ve selected your preferred service, enter your subject’s name in the provided search boxes, along with any other information you have about them, then click “search”.


The system will bring up any matching information on its database relating to your subject, such as details of their offense, their current location, contact information, and of course, their mugshot.

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