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Inmate Search in Ohio: How to Find Inmates in the State of Ohio

Inmate Search in Ohio: How to Find Inmates in the State of Ohio
August 11, 2022

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction maintains a handy database of records of inmates in all correctional facilities in the state (state-run prisons and county jails included), and the department remains the best option for finding inmate records in Ohio. 

If your inmate search is for research purposes, or if you would prefer to search through unofficial channels, third-party websites also have access to these records.

These are two of the most common and effective methods of finding inmates in Ohio, and we'll describe them and a few others in this guide. 

What to Know About Inmate Records in Ohio

In Ohio, inmate records are documents that provide identifying information relating to inmates incarcerated in holding facilities in the state.

Details listed in these records include the inmate's name, descriptions of their physical features, offenses they're charged with, and expected release dates. 

These documents are often created and maintained by the holding facility where the inmate is incarcerated, and these institutions are permitted by law to provide them at the request of members of the public.

Requesters may also access these records on websites of law enforcement in the state. 

The state of Ohio maintains a single database for inmates in both state-run prisons and county-managed jails.

All correctional institutions in the state of Ohio fall under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and these records can be accessed by either visiting the holding facility in question or by querying the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction website. 

Through the Ohio Public Records Law, third-party websites are permitted to access public records and publish them on their platforms, making them a more than a decent alternative when you need quick access to inmate records in Ohio and nationwide as well. 

How to Find Ohio Inmate Records Online

The Ohio DRC maintains the records of all inmates incarcerated in any correctional facility in the state.

There are a couple of options for accessing or obtaining these records. You may pay a visit to the institution in which your subject is held and make your request in person.

An alternative and more convenient option are to search for your subject with the inmate locator tool provided on the DRC website. 

Using the DRC offender locator tool is pretty straightforward. On the DRC website, locate the offender locator tool, then provide a few known details of your subject such as their name or unique ID number, then click "search". Results provided by the system will include the inmate's identifying information as well as information about their offense. 

How to Find Inmates in Jails in Ohio

County jails in Ohio are run and maintained by their respective counties.

However, contrary to what applies in most other states in the US, Ohio keeps a central database of both prison and county jail inmates' records.

In essence, this means that the DRC also maintains records of inmates incarcerated in county jails. 

To find out if someone you know is currently in a county jail in Ohio, you may search the DRC database with the assistance of the offender locator tool provided by the department.

The same process for finding Inmates in state-run prisons also applies when you need to find an inmate in county jails.

Provide the name and ID number of your search subject, then click search. 

The DRC offender locator tool can also be used to check an inmate's criminal history as well as their compliance status. 


The Ohio VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) service is primarily intended for victims of crime but the service also extends to members of the public who need information about an offender's status.

You may also register with the platform for regular updates.

The VINE service maintains a detailed database of inmate records throughout the United States.

The database is regularly updated and notifications from this service are timely and accurate.

To search for an inmate (or their records) using the Ohio VINE service, visit the state's VINELink website, provide the required details of your subject, and click search. 

Third-party Websites

If you have neither the inclination nor ability to access inmate records officially, third-party websites are useful and highly convenient alternatives.

They are typically inexpensive (some even offer their services at no charge), and most of them are able to break through geographic restrictions in their quest for information.  

Third-party websites, by state legislation, are authorized to access public records such as court, arrest, and inmate records.

As long as the record is not confidential or sequestered by law, you can expect these background check platforms to dig it up. 

It's relatively straightforward to use these platforms. On the landing page of the website, simply provide the details of your subject into labeled text boxes on the homepage, then click search to check the system's considerable database. 

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