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North Dakota License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in North Dakota

North Dakota License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in North Dakota
December 8, 2022

With more automobiles on the roads of North Dakota than ever before, it has become imperative to have services that help vehicle owners and motorists. 


One such service is the license plate lookup in North Dakota. This service was introduced to help persons with an internet connection access vital details about a vehicle. 

These details are particularly important for persons purchasing second-hand vehicles in the Peace Garden State. 


License plate lookup has, over time, grown popular in the used-car market and is one of the services recommended for any potential car owner. 

In this article, we shall be analyzing North Dakota license plates, including types of North Dakota license plates and how to conduct license plate lookups in North Dakota. 

Administration of North Dakota License Plate

North Dakota license plates refer to tags attached to a vehicle's front and rear sides. 


It is made from either metal or plastic materials and contains alphanumeric characters called plate numbers. 

According to Chapter 39-04-11 of the Century Code of North Dakota, every automobile in the state is mandated to have two license plates. 

a car key on money notes


The only exceptions are trailers and motorcycles, which require only one license plate affixed conspicuously on the back. 

License plates are not considered the properties of vehicle owners; they belong to the North Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT) throughout the period they are considered valid. 


North Dakota license plates are inscribed with the name of the state (either in abbreviated format or in full) alongside the year's number and the state's slogan – Peace Garden State. 

The Motor Vehicle Division, acting on behalf of the North Dakota Department of Transportation, issues three broad categories of license plates. They include:

Specialty License Plates


These license plates are given to members of the United States Military, veterans, and other agencies. 


Popular types include farmers of America plates, North Dakota University license plates, gold star family plates, veteran army plates, choose life plates, disability plates, veteran navy plates, and firefighter license plates. 

Standard License Plates


This class of license plates is usually issued to individuals who do not desire any special plate after registering their automobiles. 


The characters on these plates conventionally include a mix of five to seven letters and digits on plates featuring blue and gold colors. 

Personalized or Customized License Plates


This class of license plates allows North Dakotans to select their choice number combination. 


Such combinations include between five to seven characters alongside letters and symbols. The state prohibits the use of derogatory or hateful characters on license plates. 

a blank license plate on a car

How to Conduct License Plate Lookup in North Dakota

Looking up a license plate in Dakota allows potential vehicle owners to obtain valuable information about its history. 


This is especially important as most dealerships or sellers do not disclose all the details about their vehicles. 

Therefore, parties must conduct such research to ascertain any undisclosed information and validate the accuracy of available data. Some of the details disclosed in a license plate lookup include:

* Present warranty 
* Vehicle specifications
* Safety ratings 
* Inspection checklist
* Mileage and odometer readings
* Equipment details
* Market value
* NMVTIS vehicle history reports
* Accident history 
* Fuel efficiency 

The North Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles maintains an online database of every registered license plate in the state. 


However, according to Chapter 39-33-05 of the state's Century Code, only persons with proof of identity can apply for the personal details of the person registered to a vehicle. 

Such individuals must fill out a request for vehicle information form, also known as SFN 51267, and submit it at the following address: 

Department of Transportation,
608 E Boulevard Avenue,
Bismarck, ND 58505-0780

Interested parties can also browse through the online service section of the North Dakota MVD. To conduct a license plate lookup using the online tool, you must follow the steps below:

1. Visit the official website of the North Dakota Motor Vehicle Division
2. Click on "Online Services"
3. Select the "Vehicle Registration Status" button
3. Type in the numbers inscribed on the license plate in the search box at the top of the page.
5. Click on "Check Plate"
6 .Select every matching result
7. Click on “View Reports”
8. Evaluate the details provided and compare them with those provided by the seller

You can also visit the Motor Vehicle Division for further inquiries at the MVD address above. 

two hands hovering over a car model


There are also different third-party aggregate websites offering license plate lookup services. These platforms obtain information from government-based agencies, such as law enforcement agencies. 

Retrieving records from these websites is relatively easier than from government-based agencies. 


However, they mostly offer limited details, which are often subject to further verifications.


If you are a resident of North Dakota looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, it is important to carry out a license plate lookup. 


This will provide you with important details which ordinarily may not be disclosed by the seller or dealer.

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