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North Carolina People Search

North Carolina People Search
June 28, 2022

North Carolina’s gorgeous landscape makes it a prime location for both tourists and settlers, and unsurprisingly, more than 11 million people call North Carolina home. 


Despite the density of this state’s population, finding someone in North Carolina, even if you don’t know too much about their current status, is not difficult at all. 


This is thanks to the state’s liberal public records laws, in addition to the preponderance of third-party platforms that have access to government databases and records. 


So, if you’re looking to find someone in North Carolina, there are a couple of options that you may explore. We’ve highlighted them in this article.


Third-party Websites


For individuals who don't want to deal with paperwork, third-party sites are by far the most convenient and straightforward option on the list. 


These websites have a great deal of information about people from all around North Carolina and the world. They have free access to tens of thousands of public documents and can locate anyone in North Carolina in mere seconds.


a man's hands typing on a computer keyboard with a SD illustration of a search bar above them

You may also go through their online directories to locate what you're looking for because they're generally available to the public. 


The person's name and present or last known address will almost probably be requested. Some organizations may need the requester to disclose their address.


Click the search icon once you have completed these steps to see a list of results quickly. Among the results is likely to be what you are looking for, making your remaining search much easier.


North Carolina Court Records


The public record legislation in North Carolina defines public records as "people's property." It asserts that, unless the law states differently, interested parties can acquire copies of their public documents for free or at a low fee. 


However, some court papers are excluded from public publication under the public records legislation. It exempts court-ordered sealed arrest and search warrants, criminal summonses, and indictments.


When attempting to get court documents in North Carolina, the first step is to identify the court records that are of interest. Once that has been done, the requestor should gather enough information to aid in the search. 


Court clerks in North Carolina provide self-service kiosks where interested parties can consult North Carolina court documents.



The Civil Case Processing System is the name given to these self-service terminals (VCAP). The requester may obtain court papers associated with some procedures, estates, and civil cases in two ways at these terminals. 


This includes searching for party names in cases and searching file numbers. The majority of the data is on case parties and dates for court filings or documents filed with the clerk.


North Carolina Birth and Death Records


In the state of North Carolina, birth certificates are categorized as public records. Uncertified versions of North Carolina birth records may, however, be redacted in areas holding sensitive information such as social security numbers and passwords.


Additionally, sealed and confidential records are normally not accessible to the public.


Requesters who want private records must acquire a documented court order stating such. Death records are also presented as public records, although sealed records are unavailable and can only be accessed with a court order to that effect.


a certificate of live birth

Birth records can be examined and copied in person or by mail at the appropriate state, county, or local office, in addition to internet search portals. Those who are eligible for birth certificate replacements must go to the nearest office. 


The DHHS has birth records dating back to 1913. Births recorded inside the county limits are also kept on file with the Register of Deeds in each county.


A death record search by name can be initiated in person or by mail at the proper state, county, or city office, in addition to online search portals. The seeking party must go to the most likely office to conduct a proper death certificate search.


North Carolina Marriage and Divorce Records


Marriage records are kept at both the state and county levels, and the first step in locating a document is to ascertain where the document is kept. 


Marriage records from 1962 are kept by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). Marriage paperwork for licenses granted by them is also kept with the Register of Deeds in the various counties.


a petition for divorce


For genealogical research, interested parties might contact the North Carolina State Archives or the North Carolina State Library (Genealogy Division). 


Aside from internet searches, these offices have alternative ways for interested parties to view and get copies of marriage records.


Divorce records in North Carolina can also be found online by searching databases provided by third-party research businesses or the relevant family court. 


At the state level, vital records can be obtained by same-day walk-in requests or by submitting the divorce application form together with the expenses incurred to the appropriate state agency.

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