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Warrant Records Search in New Jersey: How to View New Jersey Warrant Records

Warrant Records Search in New Jersey: How to View New Jersey Warrant Records
September 21, 2022

Warrants in New Jersey (except warrants for serious felonies like murder) have a statute of limitations of five years. 


If law enforcement officers fail to produce the subject or prosecute them within this period, arrest warrants may be invalidated.

However, if you have an active or outstanding warrant in New Jersey, trying to wait out the validity period or evading the law is not advisable. 


You can now find New Jersey online warrant records that are out on your name, or on other people. 


A New Jersey warrant search is possible in several ways, and here is what you need to know about your search options:


About New Jersey Warrant Records

A warrant is a legal instrument that gives police enforcement the authority to hold and arrest people, search their homes or property, and maybe take objects to be used as evidence in court. 

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Any of these actions by law enforcement officers without a warrant may be considered a violation of their rights as contained in the Fourth Amendment, and the government may take action against them. 


Warrants may also be deemed illegal if probable cause was not established prior to their issuance.


An active warrant in New Jersey can result in the immediate arrest of the person named in the warrant. 


Upon issuing these orders, the court directs that they must be immediately enforced, and to spur prompt arrests, it grants peace officers tasked with carrying out these orders particular authority.


A warrant can be served anywhere in the state and frequently throughout the country, especially when it is issued in connection with a felonious offense. 


Additionally, these detention orders do not have a time limit. 


This implies both the ability to make arrests whenever it is convenient, as well as the continuation of the orders as they stand indefinitely. 


Outstanding warrants from New Jersey can only be canceled when the individual on whose behalf the release order is issued is arrested.

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Types of Warrants in New Jersey

Although there are other types of warrants in New Jersey, courts in the state issue arrest warrants, search warrants, and bench warrants more frequently than others.

New Jersey Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants are court-issued documents that mandate law enforcement agents in the state to cause the subject of the warrant to appear before the court as soon as possible. 


In New Jersey, arrest warrants do not expire and are executable anywhere in the state and at any time.


New Jersey courts issue arrest warrants after complainants prove the existence of probable cause beyond a reasonable doubt. 


If an arrest warrant does not supply such information as a description of the subject and the crime of which they’re accused, such a warrant may be deemed illegal.


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New Jersey Search Warrants

Search warrants in New Jersey permit law enforcement officers to search a location or property suspected of involvement in criminal activity and possibly seize certain items as evidence. 


A legal search warrant can be obtained by law enforcement officials who prove to an impartial judge, via a sworn affidavit, that certain facts lead to the suspicion that a crime has occurred and there is evidence of a crime at a specified location.


When a judge determines that there is probable cause for a search warrant, they will issue the warrant specifying the subject, location, subject property, and time for the search in question.

New Jersey Bench Warrants

Bench warrants are issued against people who have disobeyed court orders by either refusing to show up in court when summoned or failing to pay court-issued fines. 


In New Jersey, bench warrants do not expire, and judges may issue them without the involvement of law enforcement officers.

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How to Find New Jersey Warrant Records

The best places to find New Jersey warrant records are:

New Jersey Bureau of Identification

A personal background check through the state police-controlled New Jersey Bureau of Identification can reveal the existence of active or outstanding warrants against you. 


To search for warrants with this method, you’ll need to fill out an online request form, then submit your application, along with a complete set of fingerprints and a check of $41 in person at the agency’s head office.

County Sheriff’s Offices

Some counties in New Jersey provide warrant search portals on the official websites of their sheriff’s offices. 


Those counties without a searchable database publish a list of outstanding warrants on their websites. 


These lists are open to public perusal, and this is a convenient way to search for warrants in New Jersey.

County Court Clerks

Another way to find outstanding warrants in New Jersey is to make an in-person request at the office of your local county court clerk. 


County courts keep records of warrants issued in them, and it’s possible to access these records on request.

State Judiciary Database

If you want to find out more about arrest orders, you can also check the court dockets database of your state's judiciary. 


You should, however, know that public access is limited to data from trials where the defendant was found guilty. 


If you are interested in learning about civil warrants, you can also contact the judiciary.

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