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Hawaii Marriage Records Search

Hawaii Marriage Records Search
August 21, 2022

Around 21 000 wedding ceremonies were held in the state of Hawaii in 2019.

There are specific documents you obtain before and after marriage that prove and authorize the marriage; these are called Hawaii marriage records.

Everyone who has ever gotten married would know how important it is to know how to find marriage records online in Hawaii!

This is why this article will focus on specifics of Hawaii marriage records search, who is eligible to run it, and how to run a free marriage records search.

Types of Hawaii marriage records

It is essential to know that Hawaii marriage records can be split into two categories: marriage certificate and marriage license.

A bride and a groom need to file marriage licenses before the ceremony. A marriage license proves that there is no legal impediment to marriage.

To get this marriage record in Hawaii, you must complete the online application and pay the fee.

Once this is done, make sure to meet with your agent not sooner than 30 days before the ceremony, where they will verify your IDs and relevant documentation to issue the license.

On the contrary, the marriage certificate is the type of Hawaii marriage record, which is normally issued after the wedding and contains the following information:

*  Names of the Spouses

*   Birth Dates of the Spouses

*  Addresses (Residence)

* Occupation of the Spouses

*  Parent`s Full Names

*  Witnesses' Names

*  Name of Officiating Minister of Registrar

- Religious Denomination of the Spouses

- Place and Date of the Ceremony

Who Is Eligible to Run a Hawaii Marriage Records Search?

In most cases, only the spouses are interested in running a free marriage records search, as they must file for numerous state documents.

For instance, when deciding to immigrate, purchase the property, and file for spousal benefits.

Additionally, Hawaii marriage records must change the name on all legal documents such as ID, bank, and social security cards. However, the third parties are also eligible to run the Hawaii marriage records search.

Everyone who is older than 18 years can run a Hawaii marriage records search by filing a written request form stating their contact details and personal information, along with an ID photo.

If you get rejected to find marriage records online, you can ask for written permission from the couple whose records you aim to find.

In this case, you should be granted permission to find Hawaii marriage records online.

How to Find Marriage Records Online in Hawaii?

Having checked you are eligible to run the marriage records search, you can check what your options are to do so.

Please note that there is a possibility to run online and offline Hawaii marriage records searches.

If you want to run an offline Hawaii marriage records search, you could visit the Vital Statistics Section of the Hawaiian State Department of Health Office.

The office also accepts requests online and via email. The copy fees can be in cash, credit/debit card, or check.

Remember that there is also a so-called administration fee for orders exceeding the five copies amount.

Additionally, you must remember that not all platforms offer a free marriage records search.

Some of them would charge you a small fee ranging from $3 to $17 per copy on average.

Here are the following platforms, which are some of the best to run free marriage records

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Website | (

CDC website is one of the best tools to start with when running free marriage records search in Hawaii.

Even though the website itself does not provide a possibility to run a Hawaii marriage records search, it surely provides all the necessary information needed before the search itself.

The website provides links to the official platforms, like the State of Hawaii Department of Health Website, where to find marriage records online in Hawaii, and what are the requirements and fees you need to pay to obtain one.

The state of Hawaii, Department of Health Website | (

Once you get redirected to the State of Hawaii Department of Health website, you can apply for the marriage certificate via mail by downloading and completing the request for a certified copy of the civil union or marriage records form.

As stated above, you would also be required to provide proof of payment and a government-issued photo ID.

Independent Platform | (

Alternatively, it is possible to use such independent search platforms as

This platform helps to back up free marriage records search with some background information on the spouses, such as:

* Employment and Education History

* Contact Information

* Civil and Criminal Court Records (if applicable)

If you have more questions about finding marriage records online in Hawaii, contact the vital records office via phone or email.

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