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Nebraska Marriage Records Search

Nebraska Marriage Records Search
September 8, 2022

Nebraska marriage records are vital for people who have gotten married. Marriage records in Nebraska serve as legal proof of a union, and one might need them for many reasons, such as:

• Legal Name Change

Once you get married, you might need to change your name on all the legal documents such as social security, bank cards, and passport.

• Immigration

When you immigrate to another city or country as a couple, you must provide legal proof of marriage to receive the benefits.

• Child Custody

Although not everybody can tolerate the thought of a divorce when getting married, you should always consider it a possibility. If you get a child and decide to divorce, you must have your Nebraska marriage records ready.

• Genealogy and Health Reasons

Nebraska marriage records help you to track your family genes and health predispositions.

This is why you must learn how to find marriage records online in Nebraska. The ways to run a free marriage records search will be examined below if you are interested in knowing how to save money when running a Nebraska marriage records search.

a marriage contract with a pencil on it

Nebraska Marriage Records

Marriage licenses and certificates are the two documents considered official marriage records in Nebraska. A marriage license, however, does not count as official proof of a union between the two people and is not accepted by most legal institutions. 


The marriage license is a document authorizing the couple to get married. A marriage certificate, on the contrary, is obtained after the marriage and contains the following information:

- Names of the Spouses
- Birth Dates of the Spouses
- Addresses (Residence)
- Occupation of the Spouses
- Parent's Full Names
- Witnesses' Names
- Name of Officiating Minister of Registrar
- Religious Denomination of the Spouses
- Place and Date of the Ceremony

A marriage certificate is official Nebraska marriage records proof for all legal institutions.

a groom signing a paper

Who Is Eligible to Run a Nebraska Marriage Records Search?

People who have come of age (turned 18 years) are eligible to run a Nebraska marriage records search. However, there are a few things every potential requestor needs to consider, such as a fee and request application to run a Nebraska marriage records search. 


A fee to run a Nebraska marriage search is usually stated on the state website, whereas the application request must contain the following information:

- Personal and contact information of the requestor
- Personal data of the party whose name is on the record
- Relationship between the requestor and the party on the record (e.g., father, mother, son, daughter, husband, sibling, aunt, uncle, grandparent, legal guardian, etc.)
- The reason for the request (e.g., insurance proceeds, authentication, death benefits, private purposes, etc.)
- The date of marriage
- The place of marriage
- Scope of search required (statewide or county limited)
- ID photo


a groom signing a paper while standing next to his bride

How to Find Marriage Records Online in Nebraska?

Now when you can differentiate between types of Nebraska marriage records and know you are eligible to run the search, it is possible to answer the question of how to find marriage records online in Nebraska. 


There are many possibilities for running a Nebraska marriage records search. Nowadays, it is possible to find Nebraska marriage records online or offline or request to run the Nebraska marriage records search via phone or email. 


The fees you must pay to run Nebraska marriage records search heavily depend on the county and the type of order you make. If you want to find Nebraska marriage records online, make sure to use the websites we listed below:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) | (

CDC is the first website you will encounter when intending to find some of the Nebraska marriage records online. CDC website will provide you with the essential information about:
• Location of the vital offices or health departments of Nebraska
• The fee amount per download of a certified copy
• The links to the official state websites of Nebraska

CDC website is probably the only tool out of the three websites mentioned here which enables an indirect free marriage records search.

a man's finger on a 3D illustration of a search bar

The Office of Vital Records of Nebraska Website | (

In most cases, the CDC website will redirect you to the Nebraska state website, where you can find any Nebraska marriage records online. However, the website does not allow you to run a free marriage records search. In other words, you will have to pay a small fee depending on the county to which those Nebraska court records belong.

Independent Platform | (

In case the information stated on the marriage records in Nebraska is not sufficient, it is highly recommended to use the independent platform, which will allow you to find the following information on the spouses:

· Employment and Education History
· Contact Information
· Civil and Criminal Court Records (if applicable)

If the answers we have provided to the question of how to find marriage records online in Nebraska have not been clarified for you, make sure to get in touch with the local Nebraska vital records office.

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