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Nebraska Public Records: How to Perform a Nebraska Public Records Search

Nebraska Public Records: How to Perform a Nebraska Public Records Search
November 13, 2022

The most remarkable thing about looking for public records in Nebraska is the state’s quick turnaround time. Requesters of Nebraska public records will receive a response within 4 business days.


Residents and nonresidents of the state qualify to receive public records in Nebraska, according to the Nebraska Public Records Law. 


Further, individuals interested in obtaining public records in Nebraska do not need to state the reason for their request. 


All branches of government, and all government agencies, are mandated to adhere to the dictates of the Public Records Law strictly.


Like most other states in the United States, Nebraska does exempt some public records from the public records law. 


People interested in accessing or obtaining exempted records must first obtain special clearance from a competent Nebraska court.

Nebraska Public Records Search

Nebraska's designated record custodians, acting on behalf of the office or department responsible for maintaining the documents, regularly make public records accessible to members of the public. 


Nebraska requires formal requests to be submitted to the designated record keeper for public records. However, verbal requests are also entertained.

a stack of folders


Written requests may be sent by mail or delivered in person. 


The public can also access public documents in Nebraska through several state departments and agencies online databases.


Third-party websites are another practical option for accessing Nebraska public records online.

Nebraska Public Records: Vital Records

Under the Nebraska Administrative Code, certified copies of vital records can only be accessed by the person listed on the record, members of their immediate family, or their authorized legal representatives. 


Upon expiration of the statutory confidentiality period, anyone who has a legitimate interest in the vital records may obtain informational copies of them.


In order to obtain vital records in Nebraska, the requester must provide sufficient information relating to their record of interest, valid identification, and payment for search and copy fees. 


Applicants are required to deliver these documents with the application to the Office of Vital Records.

Nebraska Public Records Search: Vital Records

Vital records in Nebraska are maintained and disseminated by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). 


Eligible requesters of Nebraska vital records typically need to submit a formal request in person or by mail to this department. 


In some cases, marriage and divorce records in Nebraska may be obtained from the office of the clerk in the county where the event took place.

a man and a woman arguing with a gavel in front of them


To obtain vital records in Nebraska, requesters must complete the applicable record application, then attach a valid ID and payment for the service by check or money order. 


Finally, they must enclose the package in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and send it to:

Vital Records Office,
1033 O Street, Suite 130,
P.O. Box 95065,
Lincoln, NE

Nebraska Public Records: Criminal Records

Criminal records in Nebraska are detailed documents that provide information about an offender’s criminal activity and incarceration information in the state. 


Nebraska criminal records are accessible to the public, per the state’s Public Records Law, and information in these records is typically compiled from a variety of government agencies and other official sources.

Nebraska Public Records Search: Criminal Records

In Nebraska, the Nebraska State Patrol's Criminal Identification Division compiles criminal histories. 


The Division organizes criminal records in online repositories and archives that are available to the public. 


Records can be retrieved through a background check report. Criminal records are available online, in person, and by mail in Nebraska.


A criminal background check portal operated by the Nebraska State Patrol allows users to look up their criminal histories online. 


A $15.50 fee must be paid and basic information about the requester and the subject of their inquiry must be provided. The Criminal Identification Division also accepts in-person as well as mail-in requests. 


To make a request, interested individuals need to fill out a criminal record request form, include a payment of $12.50, and submit it to:


Criminal Identification Division,
P.O. Box 94907,
Lincoln, NE

a warrant with handcuffs on it

Nebraska Public Records: Court Records

Except for sealed records, residents and even nonresidents of Nebraska may access and obtain court records in the state. Requesters of Nebraska court records also typically do not need to state their reason for requesting the record.

Nebraska Public Records Search: Court Records

People interested in accessing Nebraska court records can do so in a variety of ways. Typically, though, they would first need to identify the court where the document was filed or is being held. 


Next, they may submit an in-person request to the court clerk of the county court where the document was filed.


Requesters can also view court cases on the Nebraska Judicial Branch's website. Using this website, interested parties can view criminal, civil, traffic, juvenile, and probate cases filed in all counties and districts. 


Details about the case, the parties involved, court costs, and the registrar of activities can all be found on this page. 


In order to obtain copies of the court records, requesters must contact the court clerk at the court where the hearing took place.

Nebraska Public Records: Inmate Records

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) maintains data on criminal offenders housed in state prisons. 


These inmate records give the offender's personal information as well as specifics regarding their crime and conviction.

Nebraska Public Records Search: Inmate Records

The NDCS offers the Nebraska prison inmate search tool and facility index on its website. 


Using this free online tool, interested parties may search for and find inmates in any of the state’s correctional facilities by the inmate’s name or state-assigned DOC number.

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