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Inmate Search Mississippi: Guide To Finding Inmates In Mississippi

Inmate Search Mississippi: Guide To Finding Inmates In Mississippi
August 22, 2022

Mississippi's correctional facilities include a number of federal and state prisons, county jails, and a host of other detention centers.

These facilities are managed by government agencies who see to the supervision of the inmates and the maintenance of inmate records.

The agencies also make provisions to ensure that people related to the inmates as well as the general public can get access to the inmates through free access to their inmate records. 

They mostly do this through the creation of search portals and online databases that account for personal and official information related to the inmates in their custody.

So if you need to find an inmate in any of these facilities, you should find information in their inmate records to be of great interest, and this is the main gist of this article. 

Mississippi Inmate Records

Mississippi inmate records are a compilation of information about persons held in custody at any of the correctional facilities in Mississippi.

The information includes both personal and official information obtained throughout the person's interaction with Mississippi's judicial system, up to their incarceration.  

This interaction typically begins with an arrest and a criminal investigation.

Hence, you can expect to see the inmate's personal information included as part of their booking data, along with court reports, among other things.

They include the inmate's name, gender, birth date, photographs, fingerprints, other identifying data, court reports, charges, sentencing information, etc. 

How Do I Find An Inmate In Mississippi's Federal Prisons

Inmates in Federal Prisons are those who are guilty of committing federal crimes, and they can be held in any of the four federal prisons or a federal prison camp in Mississippi.

The administration of these federal prisons lies in the domain of the Bureau of Prisons(BOP), and so does the custody of the inmate records. 

If you need to find an inmate serving time in federal prison, the BOP has an online resource that can be of help to you.

The BOP runs a website that features an inmate search section. In this search section, you can run an inmate search using either a name-based search or a number-based search option. 

How To Find An Inmate In Mississippi's State Prisons

The Mississippi Department of Corrections is the government agency responsible for the administration of state-managed prisons in Mississippi.

They are also responsible for compiling, updating, and distributing inmate records on account of every inmate in their custody, except for those in juvenile detention. 

They maintain a central database of these inmates and incorporate it into their official websites where people can look them up.

So if your inmate of interest is held in the custody of an MDOC facility, you can find out about them at the MDOC website.

On this website, you can perform an inmate search by filling the fields for the inmate's name or MDOC number.

You should find the inmate in a short while, and their personal and custody information should be available as well. 

How To Find An Inmate In Mississippi's County Jails

County jails house inmates serving single-year terms and others that are awaiting trial.

The country jails in Mississippi are run by local law enforcement agencies, such as the Sheriff's Office or the Police Department. 

With the inclusion of inmate rosters, offender databases, and arrest logs on their official websites, these law enforcement agencies provide means to identify inmates in county jails.

The inmate search portals at these websites usually require you to enter the inmate's name and/or inmate number as the search terms.

You should find enough information about the inmate from the results that are returned. 


Mississippi's Victim Information and Notification system is offered through SAVIN in partnership with the MS Department of Corrections.

It connects crime perpetrators with their victims through the provision of notification messages and/or calls whenever there's a change in their custody status. 

The notifications account for releases, escapes, court hearings, deaths, transfers, rehousing, and any other event that affects the inmate's custody.

To start getting these notifications, you have to register through the VINELink service or MS SAVIN's office using the number,(601) 359-5759. 

During your registration, your phone number and email address will be collected while a personal identification number(PIN) will be given to you.

So whenever there is an update in the custody status of the offender who you choose during registration, you'll be notified via calls, TTY, text messages, or emails, depending on your selection. 

Third-party Websites

Third-party websites have some notable advantages over traditional government agencies in terms of the ease with which they process inmate search requests.

For one, they are not limited by the geographic location of their users and they can process your request with as little as the name and state of your search subject. So 

If you use a third-party website in search of an inmate in Mississippi, you only mostly need to enter the inmate's name and the state—Mississippi, in the search fields.

You may throw in extra identification details as prompted by the search engine, effectively pruning the field of results.

You should be able to settle on the desired inmate and you can extract sufficient information about them. 

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