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Warrant Records in Minnesota: How to View Minnesota Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Minnesota: How to View Minnesota Warrant Records
September 6, 2022

Are you about to start working in an organization that places a premium on its reputation, one that may sometimes check out the background of its new employees? 


If your answer is yes, then you need to make sure that you can come out squeaky clean from a thorough check of your past. 


You can start by finding out if you have any active warrant issued against you. Because if you do have any, the police will need to execute them before their validity period expires. 


If you have the slightest doubt that you have a clean slate in the books of law enforcement, you can get closure by performing a warrant search. 


You can take up any of the suggestions discussed in this piece if you ever wish to find warrants in Maine. 

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What Is A Warrant In Minnesota?

A warrant issued in Minnesota grants law enforcement officers the license to make spontaneous arrests of persons, and search, or seizure of properties located in the state. 


The warrant provides the officers with the power to enforce these actions while shielding them from any resulting litigations and ruling out any resistance by the affected persons.


A judge or magistrate is responsible for issuing the warrants, but only after they've been provided with "Probable Cause" behind the warrant request by law enforcement officials.


Probable cause refers to veritable proof that a person or their property has been suspected or confirmed to have violated state law or committed a minor infraction.


This procedure is mostly followed, regardless of whether it is a traffic violation warrant, tax complaint warrant, or any other warrant type other than the regular arrest and search warrants. 


You may find the warrants by going through any of the suggested routes discussed below:

Law Enforcement Agencies

Warrants can be found at the offices of the Sheriff or the police in the county where a crime is recorded. You can either stop by these law enforcement agencies and request a warrant search or look out for warrant search portals on their official websites. 

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Counties such as Ramsey County and Saint Louis County both have warrant search features on their Sheriffs' official websites. 


There, you can use a name and any other additional information to run a warrant search for subjects of recorded felonies and misdemeanors. 

Background Check

A thoroughly executed background check should produce any active/outstanding warrants included as part of a person's criminal history information. 


You can do this in person or at a law enforcement agency or online at a third-party website. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension offers a semblance of this kind of service.


It allows interested persons to view their criminal history, processing their requests through its CHA unit—its record documentation unit. There, you can find an online database that contains information about cases filed and investigated by its officials. 


Warrants (both settled and active) can be found by checking this database for a previous case entry that is made against your name, age, gender, case number, etc. 

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Court Records

The courts are known to produce these warrants through the hands of judges and magistrates who sign in on them after being approached by law enforcement officers. 


They go on to keep records of these warrants in print and online databases, with custody of both being the responsibility of the clerk of the court.


You can approach the clerk in person and request that you be granted access to the court's case records. 


This should be only after you've confirmed the court that is in possession of the warrant, more so as you may be charged for service.


If you can provide your case number along with your name, age, sex, and other relevant information, you can very quickly find the case record that features your warrant. 


You can also use the Court Case Search tool provided by the Minnesota judiciary or the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS) to do this task. 


Should find most of the court information that you'd normally find in criminal and arrest records, one of which is any settled or active warrants. 

a police arrest warrant with a pen and a notepad on it

Third-Party Websites

Third-Party websites in this context refer to websites that have no known affiliation with government agencies and institutions. 


These websites are known to source public records from government sources, making them readily available to the public for viewing and copying. 


The information contained in these public records provides the backdrop against which background check search requests are run.


A typical third-party website works by providing text fields where you can input your name and the location where the record or warrant has been filed. 


The search results will produce a warrant as part of the subject's criminal history as long as it has not been issued against a juvenile offender or a perpetrator of certain sex-related crimes.

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