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Massachusetts Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Records in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Warrant Search: How to Find Warrant Records in Massachusetts
September 22, 2022

There are so many reasons why anyone may have a warrant issued against them in Massachusetts. 


The most burden on the proof of probable cause from an alleged criminal activity that a person or their property has a role in, a violation of a court order, or failure to honor a previous court hearing, among other things.


Whichever is the case, the police can make an arrest without prior notice (with a warrant in hand) to search or seal property, bring the individual into custody, or before a judge/magistrate. When an arrest warrant is issued, it can be found in offline and online resources.  

If you need to, you can perform a Massachusetts warrant search in one of the following ways:

Warrant Search Massachusetts: What You Should Know

A Massachusetts warrant is issued by a judge or magistrate that gives law enforcement officials the legal grounds and power to carry out certain actions crucial to the maintenance of law and order. 


The requesting law enforcement officers get to lay out the facts of probable cause to the judge or magistrate, along with an affidavit to that effect.

a magnifying glass and a gavel on a search warrant


If the judge/magistrate is convinced by the information provided to them, they can then issue the warrant. The warrant will bear their names, title, office, offense, validity periods, and other warrant information. 


It will then be handed out to the requesting enforcement agencies(the police, sheriff, FBI, DEA, etc) who must execute it along the confines of its specifications. Warrants issued in Massachusetts can be found using the options discussed below. 

Massachusetts Warrant Search At The Courts

If you have a criminal past or record that has been tried at a court in Massachusetts, you should be able to find any warrants that may have been issued during the process. You could stop by the court in question and request access to your case records with the permission of the court clerk—the authorized record custodian.


Alternatively, you could view the warrants online if the court in question uses the eFiling system for its case records and databases. 


Other than bench warrants that you may have been notified of, you can find freshly issued warrants that are available in your name and case docket number. 

a gavel next to handcuffs lying on a piece of paper

Massachusetts Warrant Search at Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies in the mold of the Police, the Sheriff's department, and even the Massachusetts motor vehicle registry are good places to find warrants. 


This is more so as they are known to be directly involved in the execution of the warrants. 


You can visit these agencies to look for warrants issued against you, although this comes at the risk of an outright arrest if there are any active arrest warrants in your name.


You can either find the warrants listed out on their information boards on the walls, archived in print databases, or available online at their official websites. 


The latter option (when it is available for your county) is the best advice, the alternative being the hiring of a defense attorney to make the in-person visits on your behalf. 


They would only need to have your name and some personal information, a government-issued ID number. 

a man's handcuffed hands behind his back

Massachusetts Warrant Search Via Third-Party Websites

Using third-party websites to find warrants issued in Massachusetts has some advantages over traditional government-run sites. 


They are more easily accessible and straightforward to use, although they may be unable to provide certain information about some special-case subjects. 


A typical third-party website allows you to perform a background check against your name and location, or in some cases, the name of the warrant issuer.


Once you provide all this information in the designated text fields and click submit/search, you'll be immediately referred to a string of results from which you can choose the right one. 


You can choose to view the warrants or have them sent to your email address, but only after you've paid the necessary membership or service fee.

a magnifying glass on a computer keyboard

Massachusetts Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check allows people to review their criminal history and obtain details about their interactions with the judicial system in the process. 


In Massachusetts, you can run this check and obtain a well-detailed report from the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS). 


This service is provided by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security of the state and is also known as Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI).


Interested persons who must have had a history of arrests on counts of a felony can write to the DCJIS or run an online check to ascertain if they have any active warrants. 


The warrants may either be one that has not been cleared from a previous offense or one that is given to a repeat offender. 


And while the information that is obtained using this option is not always exhaustive, it should be sufficient to point you to any outstanding warrants issued in Massachusetts.


For online CORI checks, you'd only need to pay the required processing fee and provide your offender number, name, age, and any other information required. 


You can then find any available warrants matching your provided details.  

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