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Maine Mugshots Search

Maine Mugshots Search
July 14, 2022

One of the means to use in identifying any person with a criminal or arrest history is through the availability of their mugshots. These mugshots are pictures that show the arrested person up close, head and shoulder, and in a profile that makes the front pages of police reports. These police reports ultimately end up in arrest records or criminal records. 

And in Maine, the freedom of information act rules that these records be made accessible to the public. So if you ever need to find the mugshot of any person in Maine, you can look into these public records. In this article, we'll tell you the right places to look at, and then we'll show you the right course of action to take in your quest. 

Maine Criminal Records

If you're looking for the mugshot of anyone in Maine, you must be sure that such a person has once had a run-in with law enforcement officers.

If this is the case, the person should have a criminal record generated on their behalf, but probably only if they have been convicted of the crime. You can find the mugshots of such persons in their criminal records, along with other information that we outline below. 

* The subject's full name and any aliases

* Their birthdate, age, race/ethnicity

* Mugshots and fingerprints 

* Height, weight, scars, tattoos, and other identifying physical characteristics 

* Past and current/pending indictments

* Charges levied against them

How Do I Obtain Criminal Records In Maine

The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) should mostly be first on the list of channels to explore in your quest to find a mugshot of interest to you.

As the Maine State Department is responsible for the collection of criminal records, you can approach them and make your request known.

There are three ways to go about this, online, email, or the traditional mailbox system. For online-based searches, the thrust of this article, you can access the database given by the SBI. There, you'll be made to pay a fee of $31 for every name-based search you make.  

Inmate And Jail Records

Inmate records are generated at the request of the Department of Corrections on behalf of all the inmates in custody of the prisons, detention facilities, and other correctional institutions in Maine. They mostly contain the following information about their subject:

* The inmate's name and aliases, if any. 

* Information about their crime

* The inmate's information details, such as date of birth, gender, ethnicity, etc. 

* Fingerprints and mugshot of the inmate

* Date of Incarceration and expected release. 

* Any bail and bond conditions.

How Do I Obtain Jail Records In Maine?

Any person that wishes to obtain an arrest record in Maine must approach the Maine Department of Corrections (MDOC). This department is largely responsible for the provision of all crime-related information in Maine.

They provide a platform, known as the Adult prisoner and probationer search service, to cater to all inmate search requests. This service lets you perform a search using the name of your subject, at no cost.

All you need to do is complete the online audit inmate search form and click on submit. This service may not always be available for your county jail. In such cases, you'll have to make an in-person request or put a call through. 

Sex Offenders Registry 

If your person of interest has an unwanted history of a sexually motivated crime in Maine, you can surely find their mugshot in the state's sex offender's registry.

This registry is an exhaustive compilation of sex offenders in the state. And due to the provisions of the Maine Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, they should have their records in the open for a length of time. 

How Do I Access The Maine Sex Offender Registry?

The Maine sex offender registry is as its name implies, a register of convicted sex offenders across the state. It is a database that is managed by the state bureau of investigation (SBI). You can request a sex offender search at this database using the subject's name, docket number, or holding facility. And when the results start streaming out, you can find information such as their name, alias, physical description, and mugshots/photograph, among several others. 

 Third-party Websites

Third-party websites are platforms with a massive compilation of public records in their possession. They will mostly require users to pay a small fee or a membership fee. You can gain access to these websites with the click of a few recommendations.

How Do I Obtain Mugshots From Third-party Websites

When you visit the homepage of these search websites, you get to type in the name and state of your subject before hitting the search bar provided. And once you do this, the system will fire off in search of your records.

You can provide supplementary information to narrow down the results. And when you arrive at the one you have in mind, you can find their mugshot without looking further into their profile. 

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