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Maine Arrest Records: How to Find A Maine Arrest Record

Maine Arrest Records: How to Find A Maine Arrest Record
September 18, 2022

Maine arrest records are reports generated by law enforcement agencies after apprehending a suspect for involvement in a crime or offense. 


They are collated from all 16 counties of Maine and are documented with Maine criminal records. 


Finally, they are submitted to the court during a trial proceeding. 

Like other states in the U.S, Maine arrest records are considered public documents and, therefore, available to the public upon request. 


The State Bureau of Investigation (SIB), a division of Maine Police, is tasked with organizing, maintaining, and disclosing crime history information. 

The basic function of the Crime History Records and Information repository, supervised by the SBI, is to store vital information on every criminal incidence, case, and process heard within the state of Maine. 


The agency is also responsible for disseminating crime history data to the public and the different factions of the justice community.

handcuffs lying on an illustration of the Maine flag

Maine Arrest Statistics 

The U.S state of Maine is one of the states with the lowest arrest and crime rates. 


Like other states, the government of Maine delegates a body (the SIB) to collect, maintain and disseminate arrest records. 

There were over 32,000 arrests in 2020 reported by law enforcement agencies in Maine, forming just 0.54% of the total arrests in the United States. 


Of the total number of arrests, about 23,000 were males, while 9,160 were females. The number of persons under 18 arrested was 1,686. 

a illustration of an ascending graph over an image of a masked criminal

A statistical breakdown of the arrests shows that:

* The leading cause of arrests were simple assaults, including driving under influence, attempted assaults, rape, arson, theft, and larceny

* The offenses with the least recorded arrests were gambling, negligent manslaughter, and human trafficking

* Males and females between 30 and 34 accounted for the group with the highest arrests, with a total of 3,866 males and 1,724 females.

How to Find A Maine Arrest Record 

Maine is not a closed record state, meaning that persons within the state are at liberty to access arrest records. 


An individual searching for a Maine arrest record can employ any of the following techniques: 

Online Application 

This option is the most convenient method and involves the official online database of Maine arrest records. 


You will be required to provide details about the subject, such as full name, booking number, and date of birth. 

a keyboard with words blocks that spell the word search

Your personal information will also be required before conducting the search. 


Each search costs $31.00, and payments can be made using a credit card. A typical online search only takes two to three hours to process.

Aside from the official online database, you can also visit the website of the arresting authority in any of the 16 counties of the state. 


The charges differ as each county sheriff has the liberty to set their fees. 

Mail Application 

If you find it challenging to conduct an online application for a Maine arrest record, you can also compose a written request and submit it to the SBI in person or through the mail. 


The written application must include the arrestee's full name and date of birth. 

You will also be required to include extra information that could assist the Bureau in identifying and retrieving the arrest record. 


After that, enclose your application in a self-addressed and stamped envelope before sending it to the United State Postal Service. 

a man being fingerprinted

You can use the following address for physical delivery:

State Bureau of Investigation,
State House Station #42,
45 Commerce Drive, Suite 1,
Augusta, ME 04333-0042,
Phone: (207) 624-7240,
Email: [email protected] 

Mail requests traditionally take three to five weeks to process, provided your request is correct and complete. 


Incorrect or incomplete submissions can take longer to process. The general practice is to contact the SBI in case of any inquiries before proceeding with the mail.

The Maine Bureau of Identification 

The Maine Bureau of Identification is the official repository of criminal history records, including arrest records in the state. 


Interested persons can look up their arrest records in the following ways:

Fingerprint Enquiries: The applicant of a Maine arrest record is requested to provide a complete set of fingerprints to the SBI. 


The agency will evaluate the fingerprints, together with the Automated Fingerprint Identification System Records. 


The application is conventionally sent through the mail, and the body responds within ten to fifteen days. Only the arrestee can employ this technique. 


handcuffs, a sheet of fingerprints and a clipboard on a table

Name-Based Search: The applicant must supply the subject's date of birth, names, and aliases. 


From the search results, the applicant can identify the details that closely explain the subject of the request. 

The average costs for any of the above services range between $31 to $21 per search. 


Government agencies are responsible for collecting and maintaining information about people. 


The information collected is organized into various groups, such as arrest records, and is available to members of the public. 


Maine arrest records include vital details about a person's arrest history and can be found using any of the procedures discussed above.

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