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Unclaimed Money Louisiana: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Louisiana

Unclaimed Money Louisiana: How to Find Unclaimed Money in Louisiana
October 26, 2022

Unclaimed money in Louisiana runs in several millions of dollars, as most owners entitled to claim such funds have failed in doing so. 


Therefore, if you are a resident of Louisiana, there is a likelihood that you may have unclaimed money lingering somewhere in the state, waiting for you to reclaim it. 

A Louisiana unclaimed money search will help you determine if any money is registered in your name or business name. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about finding unclaimed money in Louisiana.

Overview of Louisiana Unclaimed Money

Have you ever considered conducting a treasury search? Unclaimed money could mean that you are owed at least several hundred dollars. 


The average amount people are owed is $900, so you could receive a nice sum if you have unclaimed money Louisiana funds.

According to the laws of Louisiana, unclaimed money in Louisiana refers to cash or financial assets that have been abandoned or forgotten by their true owner within a specific period of time. 

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The Louisiana Revised Statutes govern the administration of unclaimed money in the state. 

According to the statutes, every unclaimed money in Louisiana must be remitted to the Louisiana State Treasurer. The treasurer is then tasked with overseeing the unclaimed money until the legitimate owner(s) comes forward with a claim. 

In addition, the state treasurer must make every effort necessary to reunite owners with abandoned monies and financial assets. 


This includes publishing the names of owners in newspapers and advertisements and releasing a government list of unclaimed properties, including unclaimed funds and financial assets. 

In April 2020, the Louisiana Treasury Department held over $880 million in unclaimed properties, including monies. In addition, the department has returned over $600 million to thousands of account holders.

Common types of Louisiana unclaimed money include:

* Money orders 
* Dividends
* Forgotten stocks 
* Used gift cards
* Overpayments
* Child support funds
* Unclaimed insurance money 
* Unclaimed utility deposits 
* Forgotten paychecks and salaries from past employers
* Funds from inactive or old bank accounts
* Unused death benefit checks 
* Funds lefts by deceased relatives
* Traveler’s checks

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Louisiana Unclaimed Money: Persons Allowed to Claim on Behalf of Late Relatives

In Louisiana, the following class of persons is allowed to recover unclaimed money on behalf of their deceased relatives:
* The siblings of the deceased owner
* The parents of the deceased owner 
* The deceased surviving spouses
* The deceased children 

To be eligible to reclaim the money, this class of persons must provide evidence of their relationship with the late owner, alongside other required details. 


The required documentation depends on the type of money in question and the circumstances around the death.

How to Find Louisiana Unclaimed Property

Interested claimants searching for unclaimed money can start by visiting the online database of the Louisiana Department of Treasury. 


You can also visit the official website of the National Association of Unclaimed Money Administrators (NAUPA). 
However, this site may be too wide for your needs. 


The Louisiana treasury department will provide you with more accurate information and also narrow down your search. 

Here is how to find unclaimed money via the treasury department:

* Navigate to the official website of the Louisiana State Treasurer
* Click on “Claiming Property” and select the “Search Unclaimed Property” button from the drop-down menu
* Type in the required information and click on “Search”
* Select the “Claim” icon on every property belonging to you and proceed to “View Claimed Properties”
* Select the requisite claimant relationship on the drop-down menu and click on “File Claim”
* Complete the electronic form with the necessary details, including full name, contact address, and social security number. After that, click on “Next.”
* Verify every detail and submit your claim. 

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The treasury department will send you a mail once you complete the last step. The email contains a list of documents you need to send to the treasury department alongside your unique claim identification number. 

The final step involves submitting the necessary documents to prove you are the legitimate owner of the money. 


You can do this by yourself by clicking on the “Upload Claim Documentation” icon and uploading copies of the required documents. You will be required to enter your claim ID to complete the process. 

Finally, aside from the Louisiana treasury department, other federal agencies and databases hold unclaimed monies in the state. 


Louisianans can search through any of these platforms for their unclaimed money:

* The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC)
* The Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
* National Credit Union Administration 
* The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission 
* The United State Treasury Department 
* The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development 
* Foreign Claims Settlement Commission


Unclaimed monies in Louisiana are funds left behind as a result of the owners moving outside the state and changing their bank or contact information. 


The Louisiana treasury department holds such funds indefinitely until the rightful owner claims them. Louisianans searching for unclaimed money or financial assets can employ any of the techniques listed above.

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