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Inmate Search Arizona: How To Find Inmates In The State Of Arizona

Inmate Search Arizona: How To Find Inmates In The State Of Arizona
August 1, 2022

In Arizona, inmates are housed across any of the state prisons, private prisons, county jails, and correctional facilities across the state.


The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) is responsible for overseeing the affairs of all the state detention facilities across the state.

They generate records pertaining to all the inmates in their custody. And then they create channels through which the public can get access to the records in their possession. 

There are more than 10 state prisons that come under their jurisdiction, and all the relevant information related to the inmates in these prisons is managed by the ADOC.


While the prisons are reserved for those serving much longer sentences, the county jails are designed for persons awaiting trial or those serving short sentences. 


There are a couple of channels you can explore while trying to find an inmate in Arizona.


And while a couple of them are facilitated by independent platforms, most others are made possible by instruments of the state, starting with the first on our list. 


a handcuffed man being led into a prison cell by a police officer


How to Find An Inmate In A State Prison In Arizona 


The Inmate Datasearch platform at the website of the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) provides a reliable resource for finding any inmate in the state jails.


In the inmate search section on this website, you can take up either of two search options—search by name or search by ADC number.


The ADC number is a unique six-digit number used to identify an inmate in any of the state prisons in Arizona.


When you provide this number in the appropriate space, the system will search for records in its database that match your search terms and narrow it down to one. 


The alternative search option is a name-based search where you can enter the last name of the inmate and the initial of their first name in the provided spaces.


To make your search more targeted, you can provide the gender (MALE or FEMALE) of the inmate and their status (ACTIVE or INACTIVE).


Providing this information will help cut down on the field of results, and you can go on to select the right one. 


You should find the records of the inmate in question and all the information related to their case should be contained in them.


You can find the inmate's name, age, gender, weight, hair color, and any other physical description or personal identification details.


And then you can find their detention site, the charges against them, date of incarceration, and expected release, among other things. 


papers with handcuffs and a gavel on them


How To Find An Inmate In A County Jail In Arizona 


In a County jail, you can expect to find either of two categories of persons—those awaiting trial or those serving short sentences, usually a year at most. County jails are run and maintained by the local Sheriff’s Office or police department.


Depending on the county, the sheriff's office will most often provide a website where you can perform an inmate search.


You should find a link on their website that directs you to an inmate search resource such as a jail log or roster.


And you can carry out the search using the name of the inmate or their inmate identification number. You may also find links to a sex offender search.


a man sitting in a row with other men wearing a shirt that reads inmate


This search tool will take you to a sex offender registry where you can find information related to an inmate convicted on account of a sex offense. 


Alternatively, interested persons can also make a physical visit to their offices and request an inmate search.


You can also make your request by mail or by sending an email to the sheriff's office in question.


This process may demand that you pay a processing/copy fee that may be charged based on each copy you make or the hours that staff spend sorting your request.


How to Use Third-party Websites to Find an Inmate 


Third-party websites are search platforms that will most likely provide the easiest route to helping you find an inmate in Arizona.


These websites are loaded with public records of all types, and inmate records feature highly on the list of records in their possession.


As long as the records in question are not confidential, they should be found on a good third-party site. 


You'll only have to provide the name and last known address (usually a state, city, or even a zip code) of the subject, and the system will do the rest. 


a man's hands typing on a laptop

About Arizona VINELink


Most States in the USA maintain a platform that victims of a crime or their families can use to monitor the status of their offenders.


If the offender is serving time in prison on account of their crime, the victim of their crime can obtain information about their inmate status, case information, and any developments in their custody status.


And if the offender is released on probation/parole, the victim of their crime will be notified if they come within range.


This means that you can monitor the movements of an offender if you have the right authorization. 

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