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Inmate Search Georgia: How To Find Inmates In The State Of Georgia

Inmate Search Georgia: How To Find Inmates In The State Of Georgia
August 2, 2022

To look for an inmate in any of the state prisons, county jails, or any other correctional facilities in Georgia, you'd need some form of identification about such inmates.

Knowing their names and other personal identification details about them may be enough in some cases. But in other cases, having their unique inmate or case identification number would provide the best results. 

In this article, we'll suggest a couple of channels that you can explore whenever you need to find an inmate in Georgia.

And when you've had a good read, you should be better informed on the best course of action to take in your quest to find an inmate in Georgia. 

What are Inmate Records?

Whenever a person is sentenced to serve a term in prison, they're officially introduced into the correctional system and an inmate record is generated on their behalf.

These inmate records will be left open throughout their stay in custody to account for any developments and changes in their custody status.

They contain information such as the inmates' personal information, a photograph, fingerprint, physical descriptors, case/custody status, location, sentencing information, etc. 

In Georgia, these inmate records are open to the public under the Georgia Open Records Act. This means that they are accessible to interested persons who make their requests through the appropriate channels.

It is the information in these records that supply most of the search channels featured in this list. 

How To Find An Inmate In A State Prison in Georgia 

Inmates held in state-run prisons are subject to the administration of the Georgia Department of Corrections.

This department oversees all matters related to their custody and they create inmate records for each inmate in their custody. These inmate records are the primary source of information about persons in the GDOC-managed state jails. 

The records contain the inmate's personal information, their case information, and their custody status, among other things. The GDOC provides an inmate locator tool that can be used to find an inmate in their custody.

Interested persons may carry out a search using either a "search by name" or "search by case number" option.

Whichever option you take, the result should present the subject's inmate records. You can now go on to use the information contained in this record to find the inmate in question. 

How To Find An Inmate In A County Jail In Georgia?

County jails are different from state prisons in the sense that they only accommodate persons awaiting trial and inmates serving sentences of a year or less. Georgia County jails are managed by the office of the sheriff.

The office is present across all of the counties in Georgia and they have their way of providing inmate search services. 

The inmate search/locator service relies on the database of inmate records in online electronic format at the sheriff's office. Some other county provides a complete list of inmates serving in the county.

If you can provide the name of the inmate or their identification number, your search would be over in a short while as the results would then be restricted to just one—the right one. 

The Georgia V.I.P

Short for Victim Information Program, the Georgia VIP is a victim notification and information system that operates similarly to the VINE Link platform in other states. 

The VIP is a round-the-clock automated information service that serves as the link between the Georgia Department of Corrections and the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

This joint effort serves to provide the families of crime victims or the victims themselves with constant access to relevant information about their offenders. 

With this arrangement, you can find out where your offender is being held, and when they're scheduled for a court appearance, a release, or a transfer of custody.

You can either keep tabs on them by yourself or call the toll-free line at 1-800-593-9474 to make your inquiries. 

Registration for this service involves filling and submitting either a Victim Impact Statement or a Crime Victim Notification Request Form to the Office of Victim Services.

The whole process culminates in the receipt of a four-digit pin by the registrant. 

Third-party Platforms

Third-party websites are, without doubt, the most accessible means to use in finding anyone. To use these websites, you'd mostly only have to pay a small registration fee to become a member after creating an account with them.

And once you're set-up, you can perform an inmate search by filling out the text fields for the name and state/city/zip code of your subject. 

When you click on the search button, the system will return matching name results.

You can select the one you have in mind from the list of results, and you can go on to find the person's inmate records or any information linking them to a history of incarceration. 

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