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Arrest Records Florida: How to Find Florida Arrest Records Online

 Arrest Records Florida: How to Find Florida Arrest Records Online
September 11, 2022

The collection of public records, such as arrest records, started in Florida in 1849. These records include data collected from the 67 counties of Florida. 


Following the advent of digitalization, these public records have been increasingly compiled by both government and third-party websites. In addition, the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) provides access to these public records, like arrest records. 

What are Florida Arrest Records?

In Florida, arrest records are comprised of reports generated by state and local law enforcement agencies. The report is created after the arrest of an individual on suspicion of committing a crime. 


A person is said to be under arrest when taken into the custody of the police following their alleged involvement in a crime. However, unlike Florida criminal records, arrest records do not provide definitive proof or evidence of an individual's guilt. 

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Arrest records are considered public information in Florida and can be collected from various law enforcement agencies across the state. 


Under the Sunshine Law of the State of Florida, all government agencies must ensure that public records, such as arrest records, are publicly available to members of the public. 


Therefore, members of the public can request a copy of their record of arrest(s) from the relevant custodian. 

Details Contained in a Florida Arrest Record

An arrest record conventionally includes details deemed relevant by the arresting authority. It offers information about the suspect, the severity and nature of the alleged crime, the criminal charges, court dates, and police interrogation. 


The following information is contained in a Florida arrest record:

* Gender
* Photograph
* Name
* Height and weight
* Time and location of the arrest
* Identifying marks such as tattoos and scars
* Date of birth 
* Fingerprints
* The arresting authority 
* The detention facility where the suspect is being held
* The current status of the case
* The arresting officer's name
* The crime information 

Florida arrest records also include police reports, incident reports, and police logs. 


Persons that can Access Arrest Records in Florida

Like other government papers or documents, arrest records are generally considered public records in Florida. 


Therefore, the records are available to every member of the public, including family, record holders, legal representatives, and others. 


Employers in Florida are also allowed by state law to inquire into the arrest records of potential employees and use them in making hiring decisions. 


However, a court order or law might withhold aspects or every part of an arrest record from public disclosure under certain circumstances.

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How to Find Florida Arrest Records: 


Traditionally, law enforcement agencies in Florida are responsible for maintaining criminal and arrest records. Therefore, if you are looking for an arrest record, you can contact your local sheriff's office and the police department for arrest records. 


Furthermore, arrest records in Florida are collected from every law enforcement agency in Florida by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and organized as part of an individual's criminal history. 

Any person looking for arrest records in Florida can visit the official website of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and supply the required information. 


Information on the site is constantly updated, meaning information obtained today might become outdated by tomorrow. Arrest records stored by the FDLE can be obtained by directly requesting the person's criminal history. 


Requests can be completed on the site for $24 and an additional $1 processing fee. Payment can be made using credit or debit cards. In addition, you can also request an arrest record via mail. 

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Aside from the techniques mentioned above for obtaining an arrest record, you can also get an arrest record using a subpoena in Florida. 


A subpoena is an order of a court requiring an individual or a body to provide evidence or testimony in court. Some laws governing the issuance and execution of subpoenas in Florida include Rule 8.041 of the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure, Title VII, Chapter 92 of the Florida Statutes, and Rule 12.410 of the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure. 

To obtain an arrest record using a subpoena in Florida, a person must first petition the court to issue a subpoena for the Production of Documentary Evidence. This subpoena governs the production of papers, documents, books, and other electronically stored information. 

The party requesting a subpoena to obtain an arrest record must provide the details of the relevant custodian or agency of that arrest record. Other details include:

* The date of the issuance 
* The time and date of the production of the records
* Arrest records can also be obtained from people search websites such as:
* People Finder
* TruthFinder
* US People Search
* White Pages
* Zaba Search

How Long are Florida Arrest Records Kept on File?

When an individual is arrested in Florida, the arrest is documented and kept on file indefinitely until it is expunged by order of a court. 


However, the record will be held on file forever, even after it is sealed by law or by a petition of the record holder. The only difference is that the arrest record will not be available to members of the public to copy or review. 


Arrest records are public documents that are available to members of the public. Before recent technological developments, arrest records were manually stored in Florida.


However, these days anyone can obtain an arrest record by simply filling out a form on the FDLE site, obtaining a subpoena from the court, or through third-party websites. 

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