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Connecticut Mugshots Search Guide

Connecticut Mugshots Search Guide
June 26, 2022

Mugshots are pictures of people profiled by law enforcement in relation to their suspected involvement in a crime.

They'll most often capture the person holding a placard displaying their name, birth date, and booking ID, among other things.

So if you're looking to obtain the mugshot of any person in Connecticut, you must have been sure of their criminal history. If this is the case, then you may take up any of the options we discuss in this article. 

While your most natural course of action will begin with a stop by the law enforcement agencies in charge of the person's case, we've suggested a couple of other options you can consider.


Not only will you get the mugshot of the person of interest if you're successful, but you may also get the full complement of their personal information.


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Records of Crime in Connecticut


Connecticut criminal records contain documents with information regarding the criminal history of people in Connecticut.


They are sourced from law enforcement in the local, county, and state jurisdictions and include arrest records and all data related to convicted persons.


Some of the information contained in these documents include the following:


* The full name of the person, along with my aliases they have

* A photograph/mugshot

* Details of any unique physical identifiers

* Their date of birth 

* A full set of fingerprints

* Present and former addresses

* Past and pending arrests, warrants, or charges

* Conviction history


How to Find Records In Connecticut


Criminal records are naturally maintained by local law enforcement agencies and subsequently released to the public.


The most common route to access these records is processing a Criminal History Record request form to the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP).


While the cost for a name-only search is about $36, it'll climb up to $75 for a Conviction History Record Search.


But if you choose to explore online channels in your quest, you may inquire about the State Judicial Branch Criminal / Motor Vehicle Case Look-up page.


Records of Arrest in Connecticut 


Connecticut arrest records collect the arrest history of persons in relation to their suspected role in a criminal activity that happened in Connecticut.


As usual, law enforcement agencies are primarily responsible for managing the records. The information provided in these records includes at least the suspect's biodata, their arrest information, and the charges and convictions secured against them. 


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Where to Get Connecticut Arrest Records


You may get access to these records by making contact with the sheriff's office or the local police station and requesting an arrest search.


The easier alternative is to access the look-up page managed by the State Judicial Branch Criminal / Motor Vehicle Case.


This search is free, and success in your quest will leave you with the exact record that you have in mind. The records should contain the mugshot of the person of interest, along with other personal information details. 


Records of Inmates in Connecticut 


Connecticut inmate records are official documents containing information with regard to a person's present and, in some cases, previous incarceration status.


The information contained in these records includes the following  but is not limited to:


* The full name and alias of the inmate, their date of incarceration, and expected release dates

* Convicted offense(s)

* Mugshots, fingerprints, physical identifiers, etc


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Where to Find Connecticut Inmate Records


Your first move would be to take up an online inmate search in the database managed by the Connecticut Department of Corrections.


There, you'll get all the information related to an inmate in any of the detention facilities maintained by the state.


Your search terms should factor in the person's name, date of incarceration, and any other information about their arrest that you're privy to.


If it is successful, it should return results matching your person of interest. From there, you can go on to find their pictures along with other personal information about them.


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Obtaining Mugshots From Third-party websites


Third-party websites have tons of public records in their possession, sourced from government agencies and several public databases.


So if your subject of interest has once had a run-in with the law, their information should be secured in the deep reserves of these search websites. 


How to get Mugshots From Third-party Websites


You would only have to input their names and state or city of residence in the text fields provided and click on search.


The system will then scour its database for related search results that match yours.


And if the results are many, you may narrow down the list by providing supplementary information, such as any known associates, former workplace, or any other personal information.


You should be able to arrive at the one you have in mind, and you'll get to see their mugshot along with tons of other information about them. 

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