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CheckPeople Review: A Complete Briefing of CheckPeople

CheckPeople Review: A Complete Briefing of CheckPeople
August 31, 2022

CheckPeople is one of the most accurate and commonly used people finder websites. The platform is an incredible tool for finding new information about your friends and colleagues. CheckPeople was founded in 2013 and has been used by millions of people. 


The website has carried out 35,583,311 searches this year alone and uses various public records to provide the needed background checks.

We have reviewed the CheckPeople website and will provide an overview of the website's features, pricing, membership, and advantages. In addition, this post will guide you in evaluating how CheckPeople compares to its competitors.

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CheckPeople Features 

Powerful search engines

One of the features that make CheckPeople a resourceful website for finding information about people is the versatility and sophistication of its search operations. For example, the website can use verifiable public and personal records to generate search results. As a result, the search engines of CheckPeople can reach deeper depths of the internet compared to its competitors.

Reverse phone lookup

This feature is another widely used feature on CheckPeople. Additionally, the website can demonstrate its vastness as a useful tool in reverse phone lookup. Leveraging its enormous search engine capability, CheckPeople can comb through different internet sections, including the "infamous" dark web, to provide all the needed information about an unknown caller or a strange number.

Dating prospect assessment

For people who are constantly scheduling or meeting up with dates through online dating platforms, the CheckPeople tool comes in handy. The tool can find accurate and reliable information about people, including their dating profiles and history. Using CheckPeople to screen out prospective partners can safeguard you from meeting up with people with a shady history or a history of domestic violence.

Property lookup

Suppose you are into real estate management or looking to buy a property. In that case, CheckPeople is a useful tool for real estate information. The robust search website is not only limited to searching for people or doing a reverse phone lookup; it can also be harnessed to provide valuable information on properties. This feature on CheckPeople saves you the stress of going to various government offices. You can find out the property's tax history or previous owners at the snap of your fingers.

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Self background check options

Just like you are searching for other people's information on CheckPeople, people are probably out there searching for your information. So why not use the CheckPeople self-assessment feature by searching for your information to be aware of your private information on the internet? 

Robust cybersecurity 

CheckPeople is perhaps one of the most secure search websites available. The company utilizes the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, a highly secured data encryption standard, to ensure that information on the website is protected. The security features of CheckPeople help to prevent hacking and the malicious use of information from the website. It is also protected by geo-restriction to control the traffic on the page and from where you can access the website.

Adequate Information

Asides from the technical resourcefulness of CheckPeople in terms of online background checks and other exciting features, it also provides adequate information to users on how to use the tool. The website features a blog collection with well-written articles explaining how to use some features in detail. This section also helps people know about the Fair Credit and Reporting Act (FCRA) to prevent the misuse of information on the website.

Type of information available on CheckPeople

The information provided on the website is generated from multiple online sources, including public records. Here is some common information you can find using CheckPeople:

* Contact information and physical address
* Phone number details
* Marital status
* Family, relatives, and acquaintances 
* Hidden social media profiles
* Financial records
* Education and employment history
* Criminal and court records

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CheckPeople Membership and Pricing 

CheckPeople has large-scale membership plans for its users. The company has a five-tiered membership plan to suit the needs of different categories of users. The membership plan differs based on cost and features. 

Here are the different membership plans:

checkpeople pricing table

CheckPeople pricing and membership plans:


CheckPeople allows you to select any of these plans according to your need frequency. The first search is usually free, but after subscribing to the 5-day trial, a charge of $44.85 is made if you do not unsubscribe. The platform also allows you to get a pdf report of all your searches for an extra cost of $7 per report.

Pros of using CheckPeople

User-friendliness of the website: The website has a simple-to-use approach, making it easier for everyone to use. The search results are also presented in a neat and readable format

Efficient customer support: CheckPeople provides a responsive customer team that is available round the clock to respond to customers' requests.

A robust search engine for detailed reports: CheckPeople can perform a deep web search due to its robust search engines

First free search and 5-day trial for $1: The first search is free, and there are different membership categories to choose from depending on your budget.


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Based on common metrics for assessing search websites, CheckPeople seems to tick most boxes. The website provides detailed and comprehensive reports on search subjects or items. It also provides adequate security for the information contained on the website. The CheckPeople website is simple and easy to use, although it has no mobile version or application. 

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