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Bexar County Court Records Search

Bexar County Court Records Search
Michelle S. June 12, 2022

We live in an era where suing people has become an inevitable part of life. We hear about the court cases everywhere: on television, on the internet, with our acquaintances. Courts are required to track the records of cases on paper or digitally. So, it is no wonder why the need to look for court records has become so remarkable.

Most of the counties in the US, like Bexar County, are known to provide court information to third parties. Therefore, this article will examine all aspects related to the Bexar County court records and explain every little one of them. Namely, what are Bexar County civil court records in essence? This article will also shed light on parties eligible to look at Bexar County court records. Lastly, it will provide information about the ways to look for Bexar County court information.

What are the Bexar County court records?

If there has been a case held in one of the Bexar County courts, its official records are for sure stored in the court's digital (electronic) or physical database (paper records). There are two types of records: criminal and civil. This article will focus on Bexar County civil court records.

Some good Bexar County civil records examples would be a lawsuit about divorce, car accidents, consumer rights claims, and bankruptcy records. You might be wondering what kind of information would be visible if somebody tried to look up the Bexar County civil court records. Well, suppose that somebody files a lawsuit claiming that you own them money.

In such a case, the name and the amount of money they asked for from you would be kept a part of the court record.

Where to search for Bexar County court records:

Before going into the detail about Bexar County court information, here are the ways to search for Bexar County civil court records:

Requesting to look at paper records at the courthouse

Physically coming to the courthouse and asking to provide the necessary Bexar County civil court records.

Requesting to look at electronic court records

This one also requires you to physically arrive at the courthouse and ask for the Bexar County court records search, namely the ones stored electronically.

Bexar County court records search online

Depending on the court, there is a possibility to look for the Bexar County court records remotely. All you need to have is an internet connection and access to the court's database (in case it is available).

How to find your Bexar County court?

Before looking at the Bexar County court records, one needs to estimate whether the court provides such records. To do that, one needs to run a Bexar County court search. Multiple government websites help you do that. The only piece of info you must know is the zip code where the case is held.

Alternatively, you could use such platforms as, which would allow you to find all types of court records, including Bexar County civil court records about anybody of your interest.

With the platform's help, you could easily find such records as phone numbers, relatives, sex offender data, age and date of birth, contact numbers, arrest records, background checks, current address, vital records, court records, and traffic tickets and so much more.

Who can access the Bexar County court information?

Before examining who can perform the Bexar County records search, there must be noted that there are "public" and "confidential" Bexar County court records. Confidential Bexar County court information is kept secret from the public, whereas public Bexar County civil court records are accessible by third parties.

For instance, "juvenile dependency," separation of the child from their parents in other words, and "juvenile delinquency" (accusation of the child committing the crime) are kept confidential. This means that Bexar County court records for these cases are not available.

So, in case the court provides remote access to the public records, who can perform the Bexar County court records search?

Typically, individuals listed below are allowed to perform a Bexar County court search if not stated otherwise by the court:

Parties or persons authorized by a Party

If there is no other restriction, parties can have remote access to the public Bexar County court information. If a Party needs another person's help, they are also authorized to conduct a Bexar County court search.

Party's Attorney

The attorney of the Party may use remote access to look at the electronic Bexar County civil court records.

Court-appointed People and Legal Aid Staff

These groups of individuals are also allowed to conduct a Bexar County court search unless stated otherwise by the court.

Government Staff

State and local government agencies often go through the Bexar County court record search to perform the government functions.

This article has examined the critical aspects of how and where the Bexar County court search is performed. Necessary: make sure you are eligible to look up the Bexar County civil court records and use only official sources.

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