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Top Free Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

Top Free Reverse Phone Lookup Websites
August 28, 2022

It can be quite frustrating if you repeatedly receive calls from unknown numbers. A simple way to get free from spammers is using free reverse number lookup websites.

These websites allow you to detect and have the contact details of unknown callers.

Numerous websites offer phone lookup services for a fee or membership plan. Thus, finding a free platform to use can be overwhelming.

However, it is worth knowing that some of these also offer premium services for additional features. This article presents the best ten free reverse number lookup websites that you can choose from:


Truecaller is one of the most popular reverse number lookup tools. It has over 3 billion phone numbers stored in the database, increasing the chances of finding the number you are looking for.

With Truecaller, you can identify unknown numbers in a matter of seconds. In addition to the website where you can search the database, there is also a smartphone application that makes identification easier.


A key feature of PeopleFinders that makes it a top reverse number lookup website is the reliability of its number directory.

The website is famous for having robust phone number records constantly updated from various public records. The website also allows you to do a free reverse email address lookup in addition to the number search.


NumLookup is one of the few reverse number lookup websites that are free. The popular search website performs on a highly functional yet simple-to-use interface.

NumLookup can quickly and accurately generate information after you input a phone number. One of the unique features of the website is the ability to provide your unique details of each number without overlaps or gaps.

Reverse Phone Lookup

This reverse number lookup website is notable because of its sophisticated and advanced search options. In addition, it provides comprehensive background information on phone numbers searched on the website.

Reverse Phone Lookup claims to have conducted over 1,000,000 successful phone lookups.

The website also lets you take a step further and know more about the caller by providing specific details.


Another amazing free reverse number lookup website is Zlookup. It allows you to check the owner of any mobile or cell phone for free.

Moreover, Zlookup makes the searching process as simple as possible. With this free tool, you do not have to worry anymore about unfamiliar numbers bothering you, as you can easily unmask your caller's ID. 

Zlookup has a partnership deal with Numlookup for data exchange purposes, giving you access to millions of online records and getting the most accurate result.

Furthermore, the service is free, and you do not have to worry about any hidden charges.

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer offers unlimited phone searches to obtain information on landlines and cell numbers. What makes Spy Dialer more fascinating is its ability to generate information about unlisted phone numbers.

The website makes anonymous calls to unlisted phone numbers. In addition, it allows you to listen to the number's voicemail message without compromising your details.


SPYTOX is a very handy tool for obtaining precise owner information from a reverse number lookup. SPYTOX searches both the deep web and its internal databases to provide this information.

As a result, SPYTOX lets you get all the information you need in just three simple clicks. 

Interestingly, SPYTOX regularly updates its internal databases; you do not have to worry if the information you got is accurate or not.

SPYTOX generates its data directly from over 2000 different telephone service providers worldwide, providing you with reliable data.

Phone Lookup

Phone Lookup is a useful reverse number lookup site. The website helps in providing updated information about any cell phone number, business number, VOIP number, or even a landline.

Phone Lookup's services are widespread and are currently advancing towards Europe and other countries to ensure you find any number from any part of the world. 


Whitepages is perhaps one of the oldest reverse phone lookup websites and is still in operation. The search website started in 1997 and has a database with more than 275 million people and over 25 million businesses.

Although Whitepages offers free services for basic information, a subscription fee is usually required for advanced data access.


Intelius is a unique website for looking up numbers. It does not only provide a comprehensive report on the caller; it also shows connections between the caller and close relations.

For example, the websites display the work history of the caller alongside the home address and their acquaintances' names. This helps you avoid a web of the caller and known acquaintances.

However, sometimes it can also generate names of the people that might not be necessarily related to the caller. Intelius only offers free service for seven days; after this period, payment is usually required.


You can break free from the worries of unknown numbers spamming your phone with the aid of free reverse number lookup websites.

We have provided a list of some of the best websites that offer free number lookup services. You can choose the most suitable ones from the list based on your specific needs and location. 

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