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Arkansas Marriage Records Search

Arkansas Marriage Records Search
August 7, 2022

Thousands of weddings take place in Arkansas every year. Once the couple officially ties the knot, every step before and including the wedding ceremony itself is documented.

After the wedding, one of the spouses might need to run an Arkansas marriage records search, as they would need to change their names throughout all the legal documents.

This article will focus on how to find marriage records online in Arkansas and where to run an Arkansas free marriage records search.

Types of Arkansas Marriage Records

It is crucial to understand which types of records there are before intending to run an Arkansas marriage records search. There are two types of Arkansas marriage records: marriage license and marriage certificate.

One of the first documents that a couple needs is the marriage license, which is permission to get married. A marriage license belongs to Arkansas marriage records obtained before the marriage.

As a rule, any local authority, such as a county clerk's office, would issue a document confirming that a couple is qualified to marry.

Once the wedding ceremony takes place, the marriage certificate can be obtained. Out of these two types of Arkansas marriage records, the marriage certificate is the document that serves as proof of marriage.

Any marriage is usually conducted in front of two witnesses. These witnesses, along with the couple, must sign the document with the dates and place where the wedding takes place.

The signed file is then sent to the county clerk's office, where it gets registered and is sent as an official marriage certificate of the couple.

How To Find Marriage Records Online in Arkansas?

If you have ever wondered how to find marriage records online in Arkansas, this paragraph will be helpful. Generally speaking, there are three possibilities for how you could run a free marriage records search, namely:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (

One of the best platforms to run an Arkansas marriage records search is by going to the CDC website. Even though it is not a free marriage records search, the fee per download is relatively small, being 10 US dollars per copy.

To find Arkansas marriage records online, you would need to send an application with the request to run an Arkansas marriage records search.

An ID photo is required to be attached to the application. It is worthy of note that CDC itself does not provide copies of the Arkansas marriage records online; rather, it requires a party initiating a search to pay a fee to the Arkansas Department of Health online and run a search there.

Important: CDC can provide Arkansas marriage records of marriages conducted both in and outside the United States.

Arkansas Department of Health Website (

Having paid a 10 US dollar fee, you can safely run an Arkansas marriage records search on the Arkansas department of health's official website. To find marriage records in Arkansas, you need to know the following information:

* Names of the Spouses

Maiden Name of the Wife

Marriage Date

County, Where the Marriage License was Issued

* Your Name and Address

* Your Phone Number and Signature

As stated in the previous paragraph, finding Arkansas marriage records online is not a type of free marriage records search. However, the price per download is relatively affordable, rating at 10 $.

Independent search engines (

Since most information provided in the marriage records in Arkansas is considered sensitive as it contains contact and private information about the parties involved, you can always back up your search with one of the private search platforms like

This website will provide you with background information on the spouses, such as their education and employment history, as well as their contact details.

Who Can Run an Arkansas Marriage Records Search?

Generally, marriage records in Arkansas are considered public records. In other words, anybody can run a free marriage records search when needed.

As a rule, spouses who run their own Arkansas marriage records search can obtain all sorts of information from the marriage license and certificate.

In contrast, the public will have access only to general information about the ceremony without giving out sensitive information about the spouses.

It is worthy of note that all parties who want to run an Arkansas marriage records search must fill up a written request with their personal and contact information and pay a small fee to the issuing institution.

However, in some cases where the permission is still not granted, a person initiating a search can obtain written permission from the spouses with their signature.

What are the prerequisites to run an Arkansas marriage records search, then? You must be older than 18 years and have an ID photo and a document.

If you still have questions, get in touch with your local clerk's office to get more information!

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