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Warrant Search Alaska: How to View Warrant Records in Alaska

Warrant Search Alaska: How to View Warrant Records in Alaska
August 22, 2022

Have you ever had law enforcement officers come up to your property unexpectedly, demanding to access your property while brandishing a warrant?

Perhaps you're unknowingly harboring a tenant with an outstanding arrest warrant, or your property is the subject of an ongoing investigation. 

If you've ever been in this type of situation, you'd appreciate the value of staying ahead of the curve. Luckily for you (if you're living in Alaska), you can find any outstanding warrant issued against you or your property by going through a few quick steps.

In this brief guide, we'll explain the steps that you take to find warrants of any sort for people living in Alaska. 

What is a Warrant in Alaska?

Alaska Warrants provide the legal backing that Law enforcement officers use whenever they need to carry out an arrest or a search action in Alaska.

The warrants are legal documents that give the officers the official authorization to perform their duty and protect them in some way against any resulting damage or counter litigation.

A warrant may provide the endorsement that the police or any law enforcement officers need to carry out an arrest, search or seize property. 

A bench warrant is also issued against someone who fails to honor a court invite.

In most cases, a warrant is an invitation to appear before a judge or magistrate, subsequent to the charges being officially filed.

The warrants usually feature the name of the issuer, the subject of the warrant i.e, the location of the property, or the name of the person who is placed under arrest. 

How To Find Warrants In Alaska

Here, we'll discuss the various possible means of getting access to warrants issued against you or someone else in Alaska. 

Search At The Courthouse That Issued The Warrant

If you know the particular courthouse where the warrant order was instituted, it would be a good idea to check out the courthouse in question.

While there, you can ask for the clerk of the court and request to search their case files for court records that pertain to you or the subject of the warrant. 

If there are print records of such files, you may access them by providing the docket numbers or any information that can help you locate them.

You should find the warrant included as part of the information contained in arrest/criminal records or any other relevant court record. This is after you must have paid the required search/copy fee. 

Search On The Alaska State Troopers

The Alaska State Troopers, a division under the Department of Public Safety, provides an avenue for checking out active warrants issued against people in Alaska.

Their website is updated every day to account for any outstanding warrants, that is, a warrant that has not been executed. 

The warrants can be obtained in CVS and PDF document formats, with both containing identification information related to the issuer and the person to whom it is issued.

If it is an arrest warrant, you should find the suspect's personal information, their offense and the violation order, and the name and location of the issuer. 

Perform A Background Check

Another means to access warrant records is to run a background check at the Criminal Records and Identification (R&I) unit of the Department of Public Safety.

They provide the relevant Alaska Criminal Justice information in relation to anyone who has had some sort of interaction with the state's judicial system. 

A background check can be processed by providing your name or fingerprint against the search provision at the website.

A positive search may return the relevant warrant used to order the arrest or search. You should find the offense that necessitated the warrant, the date it was issued, and the party responsible for instituting the warrant, among other things.

You can also search at the local police department or the Sheriff's Office in the jurisdiction of the county where a warrant is issued.

If an arrest warrant is placed on an individual with links to Alaska, the warrants are usually collected and executed mostly by the police.

As they are responsible for carrying out the dictates of the warrant, the police can grant you access to view the warrants in their custody. 

The same goes for other enforcement agencies such as the DEA or the US Marshall, responsible for apprehending fugitives and other convicted persons.

These government authorities run websites that contain a database of such warrants, available to the public. 

Search Warrants On Third-party Websites

Most of the government agencies and authorities described in the preceding part of this article make their warrant records and the information in them available to the general public.

Third-party websites gather such information, contained as part of arrest records or criminal records filed on behalf of people in Alaska.

Using the name of the subject, the location where the warrant was issued and any relevant case information, you can run a background check at these websites and find the arrest/search or even bench warrants If anyone. 

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