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Truth Finder Review: Everything you Need to Know About

Truth Finder Review: Everything you Need to Know About
September 8, 2022

With the help of people's search engines like TruthFinder, you can easily browse through countless public documents. For example, you can use TruthFinder to research someone's social media accounts, marriage, and divorce records, address history, criminal history, etc., using basic details like first and last name.

The search website that started out in 2015 has fast become a popular resource tool in the US. We present here a comprehensive review of all you need to know about TruthFinder, including its features, price and plans, the pros, and our final thoughts on its usage.

Key Features of TruthFinder

TruthFinder prides itself as a sophisticated and advanced background check tool for personal use. Here are some of the common features:

Reverse phone lookup

You can get out of the dilemma of receiving calls from unknown numbers by using TruthFinder. The reverse phone lookup feature of the website has a large repository of people's contact to enable quick search and find. As a result, you can easily identify callers and spammers who are hiding their details.

Reverse address lookup

The reverse address lookup works similarly to the phone lookup feature; you can unmask the details of the email address you are unfamiliar with. In addition, the address lookup feature provides the email sender's full name, physical address, and other background details.

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Comprehensive report content

The search platform provides extensive information through its access to millions of public records, databases, and the deep web. As a result, TruthFinder can uncover information that might be unavailable to some search engines. 


The end result of the search provides a comprehensive report that is easy to use. In addition, the report comes with a summary page and timeline to quickly locate needed information.

Transparent searches

One notable feature of TruthFinder is its transparency in all its searches. Compared to other search websites that operate shady or ambiguous searches, TruthFinder is clear upfront about the searches it conducts and its limitations. 


In addition, the search website provides clear and informative messages to users to guide them against misuse of information.

Family tree

Unlike other background search websites that only provide information when searching for family members or relatives, the TruthFinder comes with proprietary family tree software. The software helps users create a genealogical diagram that visually represents relatives based on the information available. 

California users

The state of California has a consumer privacy right that prevents the sale of people's personal data. TruthFinder respects this act and allows Californians to remove their personal data from the site's database. 


Although this option is only valid on the TruthFinder website alone, your information can still be found on other background search platforms that do not respect the California privacy act.

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Dark web monitoring 

In terms of dark web monitoring, TruthFinder is a leading company. It helps you prevent yourself from cyberattacks on the dark web. 


TruthFinder partnered with Experian, a global information service company, to keep tabs on your personal details on the dark web. This feature lets you get notified whenever your details get on the dark web or generate traffic. 


This will help you beef up your online securities and prevent the leak of private information.

Informative webpages 

TruthFinder has a vast library of content on its webpage to give users easy access to information on how to use the different features on the website. It also contains information on how to conduct proper and legal background checking. 


TruthFinder is reputable for having some of its information featured in major publications like The New York Post, Business Insider, and the Huffington Post.

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How to Use TruthFinder?

To conduct a background search on TruthFinder, you must register for an account and pay a membership fee. After this, you can use the search box to look for individuals by entering their names and locations. 


You can also use the advanced search option to do a more thorough search. This enables you to look up persons by phone number, email address, or actual address.
Here are some of the information you can obtain from TruthFinder:

* Phone numbers
* Social media accounts
* Addresses 
* Birth dates
* Arrest records
* Criminal records
* Court records
* Sex offense
* Traffic offense 
* TruthFinder Payment Model 

TruthFinder does not run a free search or report. It also does not operate on a one-off payment model; you need to be on a subscription plan to access the features on the website. 

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TruthFinder has various subscription models; the payment plans include:
Phone number lookup plan – This is only for reverse phone number lookup and has unlimited searches. It costs only $4.99 per month.

1-month membership plan – This allows you to access all the features for a fee of $27.78 per month.

2-month membership plan – The 2-month plan also allows you to access all the features for a fee of $23.02 per month.

Obtaining a pdf copy of your report also costs an extra $2. However, there is no extra charge placed on the dark web monitoring notification feature once you are on a membership plan.

Pros of Using TruthFinder:

* Unlimited background checks
* Accurate and informative records
* Downloadable reports 
* User-friendliness


TruthFinder has great offers for enthusiastic users of background check websites. The reports from the website are concise and well detailed, coupled with the presence of its unique family tree diagram. In addition, the subscription plans for TruthFinder are affordable compared to others and allow you to opt-out of the membership plan.

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