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North Dakota Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in North Dakota

North Dakota Mugshots: Guide to Finding Mugshots in North Dakota
July 18, 2022

If you are looking to find an individual of interest to you in North Dakota, then this article is for you. 


The most effective method of finding a person in Michigan is through their mugshot.  


Mugshots are pictures of people speculated to have carried out criminal actions in the past.  


When seeking to find these mugshots, the best place to go is through reports generated by law enforcement agencies.


In the case of North Dakota, the state's Freedom of Information Act and the relaxed nature of its public record system and policies makes getting mugshots pretty straightforward. 


Here are essential methods to employ when trying to get a mugshot in North Dakota.


a gavel, handcuffs and a stack of books on a table


Retrieving North Dakota Arrest Records


Arrest records in North Dakota are categorized as public records, and due to their fairly detailed nature, are excellent sources of mugshots.


Arrest records in North Dakota are documents created by law enforcement agencies after a person has been arrested or apprehended. 


It includes the incident's specifics, the subject's personal information, and, in some cases, additional facts regarding the person's criminal history.


Guide to Retrieving North Dakota Arrest Records


There is no official online repository for arrest records in North Dakota, so requests for arrest records will have to be made in person or by mail.


During business hours, you may visit the county sheriff's office or the arresting agency to request the records in person.


To request a criminal record by mail, contact the Office of the Attorney General in North Dakota. You'll also need to attach a signed authorization form from the subject.


If you prefer, you can include their current address on the request form. 


a sheet of paper with fingerprints on it


The following steps will guide you through submitting your request:


Your personal information should be filled out under Requester Information on the Request for Criminal History Record Details form.


Complete the personal data for the search subject. It is required that an authorization form be attached to the request form, or that the person's current address be provided. 


The Bureau of Criminal Investigation will mail the subject a notice advising them that a criminal record search has been conducted on them if they decline to consent to the request.


A $15 check or money order should be made out to the "North Dakota Attorney General." Each search request attracts this fee. 


Send the authorization form, payment, and signed request form, as necessary, to:


Criminal Records Section

North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation 

4205 State Street

PO Box 1054

Bismarck, ND 58502-1054


You may have to wait for about 7-10 business days for your request to be processed. 


Securing North Dakota Criminal Records


North Dakota criminal records contain all the information found in arrest records and then extra details about a person's criminal history, convictions, and dropped cases. 


These documents, sometimes known as rap sheets, contain data that has been gathered, compiled, and documented from various police departments, courts, prisons, parole boards, and other governmental organizations across the state and several counties.


Accessing North Dakota Criminal Records


Criminal records in North Dakota can be accessed by anyone since they're considered public records. You can request and access criminal records in North Dakota by mail.


The process involved in getting North Dakota criminal records is the same as that of obtaining arrest records. For a detailed breakdown of the steps, check the steps for obtaining North Dakota arrest records in this article. 

Acquiring North Dakota Inmate Records 

Like most states, North Dakota inmate records contain mugshots of offenders, so, if your search subject has passed through (or is currently in) the state's prison system, checking these records can be a proven way of obtaining their mugshot. 


a warrant with handcuffs on it


The status of an inmate is officially compiled in their North Dakota prison records. The North Dakota Department of Corrections, which keeps an online searchable database of inmates, grants access to these records.


Guide to Acquiring North Dakota Inmate Records 


Records of inmates in North Dakota's correctional facilities are public and as such, they can easily be accessed by members of the public. 


To retrieve details of inmates in North Dakota, you may make use of the online inmate locator tool provided by the state's Department of Corrections.


Visit the North Dakota DOC website, locate the inmate search tool, and input personal details of the offender, such as their last name and first name. 


The website will bring up detailed information about your subject seconds after you click the search key. 


Accessing North Dakota Sex Offender Registry


If your subject has been convicted of a sex-related offense in North Dakota, you can get their mugshot by searching the state's sex offender registry. 


a keyboard


Offenders convicted of sex-related crimes are listed in the North Dakota sex offender registry. 


Every day, real-time updates are made to reflect new information from the courts, local law enforcement, and the North Dakota Department of Corrections. 


Steps To Accessing the North Dakota Sex Offender Registry


You can access the North Dakota sex offender registry online, by visiting the state registry's website.


There are provided boxes where you can input pertinent details of your subject for a more accurate search. 


You may also limit your search to cities or counties, or get the database to include or exclude only incarcerated offenders in the results. 

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