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Missouri Warrant Search: How to View Warrant Records in Missouri

Missouri Warrant Search: How to View Warrant Records in Missouri
September 6, 2022

A Missouri warrant search can help you find out if there are any pending warrants against you or someone that you know. This article suggests places to find warrants issued in Missouri, where you can find such records, and discover valuable information about yourself and others. 


It can also help you contest any pending warrants that are issued to your name, and take the necessary legal steps in such cases.  

What Is A Warrant In Missouri?

As is the case with many other states in the US, residents of Missouri are protected from certain acts of rights violations by the Fourth Amendment, whether the offender is an ordinary citizen or a law enforcement officer. 


However, certain situations necessitate that these rights or liberties are restricted, such as when a person is adjudged or suspected to have committed a criminal offense.

the top of a police car

To this effect, the Police sometimes make use of warrants when they seek to make arrests or searches. These warrants make it possible for them to carry out their duties without having to encounter any resistance from the target persons or face liability claims in the aftermath. 


The law enforcement agencies seeking the warrant must first prove to the judge that there are sufficient grounds to justify their request. Warrants issued in Missouri can be found in the following places. 

At The Courts

Judicial officers in Missouri—judges, magistrates, and the justice of the peace, are the go-to person for the issuance of warrants in the state. 


This also means that they can order the courts to keep copies of the warrants for future reference by members of the public. If you have once had your day in court, your case information should either be kept in print record databases or online databases, depending on the court.

If the latter is the case, you should be able to run a case record search against your name, date of birth, sex, offender number, or case docket number. 


Whichever one or a combination of search parameters you use, you should find any settled or active warrants issued against you. And if there's still sufficient time before the execution date, you can launch a defense against the warrant and have it successfully revoked. 

a gavel next to handcuffs lying on a piece of paper

Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies in Missouri such as the Police Department and the Sheriff's Office are involved in the execution of warrants.


It is therefore only logical to direct your efforts to these agencies should you look to find warrants issued in the state. You can elect to stop by their offices and make a formal warrant search request, in which case you'd be obliged to provide relevant identification.

Department staff(for the police) can help you scour their database in search of any active warrants issued against your name or direct you to their online warrant search database.


For counties like Douglas county and Cass County, you can find online publications of active warrants featured on the official website of the Sheriff's Office. Many others have phone numbers devoted to taking on warrant-related inquiries, among other things. 

Background Check

A well-executed background check carried out on account of a person will certainly produce any warrants issued against them. 


This is because a background check mainly churns out information from the court records, arrest records, and court records. You can run a personal criminal background check at the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS).

It is a platform that is managed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in line with Missouri's judicial system and its local law enforcement agencies. 

a search warrant with a pen and gavel on it


When you perform a record search on this online directory, you can find anything from warrants and mugshots to court documents and biodata information.

This service is usually offered at a small cost. What you get in return is accurate official information about your history with law enforcement agencies in the state. 


If you find any active warrants on the site, you can start making plans to challenge them by hiring a criminal defense attorney. 

Third-party Websites 

If you need to run a background check on yourself or someone else while knowing very little about them, using a third-party website might be your best bet. 


This is because these websites only ever require you to provide a name and location for a background check to take effect. Other than that, these websites are very accessible from anywhere.

a search bar

A background check at third-party websites such as this will return downloadable results detailing a person's history of interaction with law enforcement, along with their personal information. 


If this history includes a record of warrants, they'll also be found in the results displayed.

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