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Michigan License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Michigan

Michigan License Plate Search: License Plate Lookup in Michigan
December 7, 2022

A Michigan license plate is a sign plate mounted to the rear of a vehicle and displayed the car's official registration numbers and letters. 


Section 257.224(1) of the Michigan Compiled Laws mandates the vehicles section of the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) Office to give vehicle owners a single registration plate. 

According to the Vehicles Department, all cars and trailers on Michigan roads must have and show proper license plates. 


In addition, section 257.224(10) of the Michigan Compiled Laws makes it illegal for Michigan residents to drive their automobiles on public streets or highways without a license plate. 

In 1905, Michigan residents were mandated to register their automobiles. 


Until 1910, when the state began issuing license plates, registrants submitted their own license plates for use. 


Since 1981, only rear plates have been necessary for road users in Michigan. 

Drivers can select a customized plate serial number and a second duplicate plate for an additional fee. 


Drivers in Michigan have been mandated to replace their license plates every ten years from January 1, 2015.

a man handing over car keys to another man

Categories of Michigan License Plates

The Office of the Michigan Secretary of State provides different forms of License plates for road users in the state depending on their needs. 


In Michigan, license plates carry personal information about their owners. 

For example, veteran/military service plates show where a person served in the military. It also indicates whether a soldier was wounded in action or incapacitated. 


In addition, specialty plates indicate the type of humanitarian cause involved in a license plate holder, such as breast cancer awareness, children's trust funds, agricultural heritage, Olympic education, and lighthouse preservation.

On the other hand, historical plates are only issued to vehicles that are 26 years old or older. 


Collectors use them only for events such as auto shows, parades, and historical club activities. Other forms of Michigan License plates include:

* Standard license plates
* Fundraising license plates
* Collector license plates
* Special organization license plates

a sign that reads driver licenses

How to Get a Michigan License Plate?

It is compulsory for every resident of Michigan who owns a car, just bought a car, or relocated to the state with their old vehicle to register their vehicle and get a license plate before plying Michigan roads and Highways. 


For vehicle registration in Michigan, an interested individual is expected to present the following documents:

* Duly completed application form for Michigan Vehicle Title. (Form TR-11L)
* Evidence of ownership of the vehicle
* Valid proof of insurance
* Government-issued means of IdentificationIdentification
* Title fee of about $15
* Pay a license plate fee of $5 or a license plate transfer fee of $8, as the case may be

With this, the individual can visit any Location of the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) every weekday except Wednesday. 


You can schedule an appointment or walk in to drop off the required documents and necessary payments before your visit. 

Michigan License Plate Lookup

Looking up a license plate involves obtaining information about the owner of a vehicle by using the vehicle's license plate number. 


For example, a license plate lookup in Michigan can show a car’s worth, the (former) owner’s criminal driving history, and whether or not a vehicle was recalled or stolen before purchasing it. 

A Michigan license plate lookup can also show Michigan traffic records, the latest car inspection information, weather damage, incident, and seizure history. 


Vehicles must have license plate numbers, according to Michigan Compiled Laws Section 257.224. 

Vehicle owners or interested individuals in Michigan can use various online tools to complete a free license plate lookup. 


They can also pay a charge to obtain license plate information from the Michigan Secretary of State's office. 

Interested individuals should reach out to the Michigan Department of Motor vehicles at the address below, complete a record request form (BDVR-154) and receive your License plate lookup details in your mail. 

A mandatory fee of $11 paid with a check or money order is required for a record request. 

a license plate that reads new


You can also fill out the form online and get the necessary details from the license plate lookup. You can also register contact via:

430 W. Allegan St.,
Lansing, MI 48918,
Phone: 888-767-6424

You can also run a reverse license plate lookup for Michigan plates using free online tools to get the vehicle's VIN Number, which is then used to get more details on the vehicle. 


Most online license plate lookup services gather data from various government agencies to ensure that they have accurate and adequate data. 

These agencies include the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Department of Motor Vehicles, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. 


In addition, these online services include Lookup A Plate, Detailed Vehicle History, and Free Background check.


If your license plates have been lost, stolen, or damaged, you can receive replacements from the SOS office in your county. 


You must apply in person for replacements and present a valid means of identification, registration documents, and a $5 replacement fee.

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