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Kentucky Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Kentucky

Kentucky Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Kentucky
September 14, 2022

Kentucky is the 26th most populated state in the United States, with over 4 million people. The state has one of the lowest crime rates in the region, with Covington serving as the state’s most dangerous city. 


The Bluegrass State started generating public records in 1852 from all the 120 counties of the state. 

According to the Kentucky Open Records Act, public records, including arrest records, are accessible to members of the public. Kentucky arrest records are documents generated by an arresting officer following the apprehension of a suspect. 


It contains details such as the suspect’s full name, name of the arresting agency, the charges, date, location of arrest, bail information, the subject’s mugshot, fingerprint, etc. 

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Types of Charges Found in Kentucky Arrest Records

The criminal laws of Kentucky outline some of the charges that may appear in a subject’s arrest record. These charges are generally classified into three major categories:

Infraction: An infraction is a minor offense or violation of a law regulated at the state level. Examples of infractions include public nuisance offenses, minor traffic violations, and littering. 


The punishment for infractions is conventionally a written warning or a fine instead of a prison sentence or jail term. 

Felony: Another charge found in a Kentucky arrest record is a felony. This is a serious crime and usually results in a jail term or imprisonment of over one year in a federal or state prison. 


In addition, having a charge of a felony on your arrest record could lead to limitations in employment opportunities or the acquisition of a specialty license. Examples include arson, rape, and murder.

Misdemeanor: This is a crime that is a lot more serious than an infraction but less serious than a felony. It is conventionally punishable by a jail term of not more than a year. 


Persons convicted of a misdemeanor are more likely to serve their jail time in a county or local prison than state or federal prison. Some examples of misdemeanors include drug abuse, driving under influence, and petty thefts. 

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Arrest Records Online: How to Find Arrest Records in Kentucky

Arrest records Kentucky are maintained by the law enforcement agency responsible for the arrest. This is usually the county sheriff’s office or the local police department. 


Therefore, Kentucky arrest records can be obtained by reaching out to the applicable law enforcement entity or applying for public records from the Kentucky State Police. 


You can make your application by mail, online, or by appearing in person.

Find Kentucky Arrest Records Online

To obtain arrest records online in Kentucky, visit the website of the arresting law enforcement agency. 


You will be required to fill out an application form including your full name, address, and contact information alongside the arrestee’s full name, booking number, social security number, etc. 

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Where you cannot identify the relevant arresting agency, you can use the FastCheck interface. 

The platform hosts billions of Kentucky public records, including arrest records. However, you must first create an account before conducting your background search. Each search goes for a non-refundable fee of $25; payment can be through a credit card. 


In addition, the payment processor charges a $2.5 processing fee for every transaction. The processing takes several hours to complete, and you can print your search result once it is available on the FastCheck portal. 

Mail-in Request

You can also send a mail-in request for Kentucky arrest records. You will have to complete the request form and attach your payment as a check or money order. Next, enclose your request in a self-addressed and stamped envelope and mail it to: 

Kentucky State Police,
Legal Services Branch,
Attn: Stephanie Dawson, Records Custodian

A mail-in request is ideal in cases where you aren’t in urgent need of the arrest record. Mail-in requests usually take ten working days to process. 


However, applicants can make allowances for delivery and logistics, in which they can obtain their reports in two to three weeks. 

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Finding Kentucky Arrest Records Via In-Person Application

Persons looking for arrest records in Kentucky can visit the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) during working hours. Y


You will be required to complete your application in writing, including your name, phone number, address, and a description of the record to be retrieved. 


Description of the record may include the arrestee’s name, date, and location of the arrest. After that, sign the application and attach a fee of $25 payable by money order, credit card, or check. 

In-person applications are usually entertained within 24 hours, and you can receive the records the same day. 


The report traditionally includes arrest, verdict, convictions, and incarceration information, alongside details on every arrest warrant issued on the subject, including outstanding arrest warrants. 

In-person requests can be forwarded to: 

Administrative Office of The Courts,
Records Unit,
1001 Vandalay Drive,
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601,
Phone: (800) 928-6381


Kentucky arrest records are considered part of a subject’s criminal history. 


These arrest records are compiled from all the law enforcement agencies in the state, including the state’s correctional facilities and the courts. 


You can find your Kentucky arrest records using any of the techniques mentioned above.

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