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Kansas Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Kansas

Kansas Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Kansas
October 6, 2022

Kansas arrest records are generated following the arrest of persons that contravene state laws. The arrestee is typically taken to the police department for appropriate documentation after the arrest. 

The documentation involves personal details of the arrestee, fingerprinting, and detailed information about the arrest. 


These records are managed by the Kansas law enforcement agencies, and they form part of the criminal record of such individuals.

Arrest records in Kansas are maintained in the Kansas Bureau of Investigations database, called Crime History Records and Information Repository (CHRI). 


Although this database contains details on all criminal cases, traffic infractions, civil violations, and any arrest warrants issued in connection with such matters, civilian applicants seeking information are only provided with a limited number of criminal history results.

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Kansas Public Arrest Records

Kansas arrest records fall under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA), which makes them public information. According to this statute, interested parties may seek access to the state's arrest records. 


These records offer information about people who were detained in Kansas. 

In Kansas, anyone who desires access to a public arrest record may inquire with the arresting law enforcement body. In addition, the Sheriff's office or other regional law enforcement organizations frequently provide public search services for arrest records.

Are there Limitations to Accessing Arrest Records in Kansas?

Kansas allows any interested persons to access Kansas public arrest records in the state. In most situations, the arrestee can demand their record and access it. 


However, in some situations, third parties like employers and insurance companies seek arrest records to carry out comprehensive background checks on potential employees and clients. 

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An employer, a company, or an individual may request information about a person's past through a background check. The individual's criminal background, which includes arrest records, may be included. 


Even though arrest records are public, there are a few reasons why the access can be limited, including:

* Juvenile protection: Kansas arrest records are prevented from public view if the subject of the record is a juvenile or a minor during the arrest. The only people given access to a juvenile's arrest record are the juvenile's parents/guardians or authorized parties like the district attorney, probation department, and a third party that has gotten a juvenile court order.

* Public security: Arrest records can be limited from public access if the record's content can harm public security or compromise public safety.

* Ongoing investigation: In the case of ongoing investigations, public access to Kansas arrest records can be restricted from full public access to prevent bias about the investigation or hinder the process.

* Background check: Although a public record law allows citizens of Kansas to access arrest records of a third party, the law still requires you to get the arrestee's consent before requesting their arrest record. 

Kansas Arrest Records Search

Suppose you need to find an arrest record in Kansas. In that case, you will need to start by contacting the law enforcement agency that made the arrest and recorded the booking details, which is typically the police department. 

You can also contact the Sheriff's office physically or by mail to get the records. 


Arrest information, warrants, and mug pictures are also kept on file by other governmental organizations like the Kansas Criminal Courts and County offices.

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There are additional locations and places to obtain a Kansas arrest record, such as third-party websites, where you can dig up someone's arrest history. 


One of the most reliable is the use of Kansas Criminal Records, a privately owned website that generates its data from state and local databases. 


These websites use official databases to compile data on a person's criminal past and background. 

This data ranges from the person's name and personal details to other information about the arrest. 


In most situations, these third-party websites require you to make a one-time payment or a membership subscription. 

Can Kansas Arrest Records be Expunged?

Section 22-2410 of the Kansas Statutes provides that an arrestee can file for expungement of arrest records in the state by filing a petition to the district court. 


However, the statute only permits the expungement of arrest records under the condition that there is an error in the arrestee's identity. 

In addition, the charge needs to be dropped or dismissed to qualify for the expungement. 


Finally, after filing the petition, the petitioner has to pay a docket fee of $176, and a date will be set for the court hearing.

If the application is granted, the court may direct that the arrest record be erased and removed from all relevant state and federal databases. 

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Except upon the request of the person whose arrest record was expunged, the custodian of the arrest records is not permitted to divulge the arrest or any information associated with it. 


After that, the listed person will be considered as though they were not arrested.


The public record statute in Kansas allows public access to arrest records, although there are limitations for juvenile records or arrest records containing confidential information. 


The local law enforcement agencies manage Kansas arrest records, and when there are no cases of exemptions, the arrest records can be obtained from the law enforcement agencies. 

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