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Illinois Court Records

Illinois Court Records
Michelle S. June 19, 2022

Thousands of Illinois criminal and civil court records are stored within the Illinois courts. Some are kept on paper, whereas other Illinois court records are stored electronically. While paper Illinois court information can only be accessed directly at the courthouse, there are multiple ways of running the Illinois court records search electronically. Most of the Illinois courts offer the possibility to run the Illinois court records search remotely. Suppose the court where the case was held doesn't offer the possibility to access any of the Illinois court records remotely. In that case, you will always have a chance of running the Illinois court records search at one of the devices located at the courthouse.

Every case hearing is noted within the Illinois court records to provide transparency and justice to the state`s legal system. Even though most of the Illinois court records are public, there are some cases when they are hidden from the public eye. This usually happens when the judge finds such records compromising one`s privacy or jeopardizing the safety of the United States. If you were wondering who and how can run the Illinois court records search, continue reading this article.

Where to run the Illinois court records search?

The best option for accessing the Illinois court information would be running the Illinois court records search on multiple platforms. Why? Simply because the more information you have, the more accurate your findings will be. Many people have identical names or even birthdates, making results a bit less precise. Therefore, by using both official government websites and private search engines, you eliminate the possibility of getting the wrong information. Additionally, you would find all the information about the case itself by using the Illinois courts website. In contrast, the private search engines, like would provide more background information on the parties involved in the case.

Illinois Courts Website (

By using the Illinois Courts website, you would be able to run both the Illinois court search, and the Illinois court records search at the same time. However, we always recommend running an Illinois court search in advance to facilitate and speed up the whole process. Before running the Illinois court search, all you need to know is the state, where the wrongdoing took place, and the postcode.

By using the website, you would be able to e-file the case directly at the website and even run the Illinois court records search in any of the 102 counties. However, you would need your one eFileIL profile with your email and secured with your password. Illinois court also offers many other services aside from Illinois civil court records search, such as:

Illinois e-Court Initiatives

re: SearchIL (Statewide Document Repository)

eFileIL (Statewide e-filing)

Certificate of Registration (Rule 721)

Volunteer Pro Bono Program for Criminal Appeals

Court Improvement Program (CIP)

Probation and Pretrial Practices

Declaration of Economic Interest Forms (Rule 68)

Attorney Licensure

Bar Admission Ceremonies

Supreme Court Library

Independent search engine (

In essence, such platforms as are perfect for running a background check on any parties involved. There are various platforms, some are paid, and others are free. All you have to know is the first and last name of the person of your interest and their date of birth. Once you hit "search," you will be able to find the following information:

· Background Records

· Phone Number

· Public Records

· Address Information

· Police & Court Records

· Social Media Accounts & Information

· Marriage & Divorce Records

· Unclaimed Money Database

· Sex Offenders & Their Locations

· Privacy Program

· Mugshots

· Illinois Criminal Court Records

· Illinois Civil Court Records

Who is entitled to run an Illinois court records search?

If you are not the party in the case yourself, to run the Illinois court records search, you need to belong to either of the following groups below:

Person Authorized by a Party: or in other words, a person helping a party in the case. If the person was authorized by a party to run an Illinois civil court records search, they would be given access to the Illinois court information.

However, this does not apply to electronic Illinois court records of criminal, juvenile justice, child welfare cases, or confidential electronic records only if the judge states otherwise.

Court-appointed People, Legal Aid, and Government Staff

All of the parties mentioned above can run public Illinois civil court records search remotely unless stated otherwise by the judge.

Important: only the parties can access public and confidential Illinois court information.

Key takeaways: Once you establish whether you are eligible to run the Illinois court records search, use multiple search engines, including independent and government ones. Running the search on multiple platforms will make the Illinois court information you find more reliable. Always run the Illinois court search in advance to speed up the whole process.

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