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How To Ensure My Dating Profile Is Safe In Dating Apps

How To Ensure My Dating Profile Is Safe In Dating Apps
April 13, 2022

How To Ensure My Dating Profile Is Safe In Dating Apps

Online dating is firmly mainstream now, compared to where it was only a few decades ago. Whether you're in it for its convenience, or you enjoy the thrill of meeting someone completely new, the allure of online dating is unmistakable.

Sadly, while online dating has provided several beautiful stories and experiences, it's also a source of very unpleasant ones. Safety is a very real issue with dating on online platforms and having an account with one of them leaves you exposed to digital dating abuse, cat-fishing, stalking, online harassment, identity theft, and other scams.

With the security and safety of members not a major priority for most online dating websites and apps, it's up to you to safeguard your information and other things. Find out how to keep yourself protected while navigating the online dating whirlpool in this article.

Use A Different Photo

You'll make it easier for an online stalker (for instance) to find you and harass you on all your social media accounts if you use the same profile picture in all of them. Someone performing a Google reverse image search will be able to locate you and link you to all your accounts if all of them sport the same photo.

To minimize the chances of this happening, use a different photo when you're setting up your account on that online dating site (and across your social media platforms). This way, when you block someone on the app, they can remain blocked and not simply follow your trail to another social media profile.

Don't Include Personal Details

Information such as your favorite rock band or whether you're a Libra or Virgo may be considered important on the online dating scene, and by all means include those if you want. But, by all means, leave out the more personal stuff.

Details such as your contact information, social security number, last name, social media handles, banking information, home and work address, and so on, should be kept safely away from online dating profiles.

Stay Inside The App

Run away from matches who try to pressure you into continuing the conversation outside the app too soon. That's usually an indicator that the person is not who they're claiming to be.

By keeping all your interactions with a new match inside the app, particularly at the early stages, you'll not have to worry about them having your cellphone number if things do not progress.

Furthermore, being within the app gives an additional layer of security. Some dating app messaging systems prohibit people from sending photographs or links, which can significantly minimize the quantity of unwanted photos you receive.

Be Vigilant When Meeting In Real Life

Try as much as possible not to let any online match know exactly where you live, or fix a date in your home. If you agree on a date, choose a public location and make arrangements for your own transportation. Before going on the date, let a close friend know where you're going and when you expect to be back.

When you're out on your date, make sure you're aware and vigilant. It's a good idea to keep the first few dates brief and don't leave your drink unattended. You might also want to bring a self-defense item like pepper spray or a high-powered flashlight with you.

Perhaps most importantly, trust your instincts completely. If your date is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, you should leave immediately, even if such an exit might be considered rude. Always put your safety first; never jeopardize it just to maintain conventional notions of politeness.

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