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HireRight Review: A Complete Review of HireRight Online

HireRight Review: A Complete Review of HireRight Online
February 6, 2023

An employment screening, also known as a background check, is a process used by employers to verify information about a job candidate's background, including their employment history, education, criminal record, and other relevant details. The purpose of employment screening is to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the job and to minimize the risk of hiring someone who may pose a threat to the organization or its employees.

An employment screening typically includes a background check, which gathers information about the candidate's criminal history, prior employment, education, and other relevant details. 


Other types of screenings may also be performed, such as drug tests, credit checks, and professional license verifications, depending on the specific requirements of the employer and the nature of the job.


Overall, employment screening and background checks help employers make informed hiring decisions and protect their organizations from potential risks. 


These days, employers can perform online background checks with professional websites, that specialize in the field. One of the most popular websites for this purpose is, and here we will review HireRight so you can decide whether it is the right one for you.

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HireRight Overall Impression is a comprehensive employment screening and verification platform. It offers a range of services including background checks, drug testing, and international verification services. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple to initiate and manage screenings. 


The platform provides accurate and detailed information and has a quick turnaround time. Additionally, it has robust security measures in place to protect personal data. Overall, is a reliable and efficient platform for employment screening and verification services.

HireRight Features and Services:

Here are the key features and services offered by

• Background Checks: Offers comprehensive background check services, including criminal records, employment verification, education verification, and more.

• Drug Testing: Provides drug testing services, including pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion testing.

• International Verification: Offers international verification services for global employment screening, including criminal records checks and education verification.

Employment Eligibility Verification: Helps employers verify the eligibility of their employees to work in the US through the E-Verify program.

• Applicant Tracking System: Includes an applicant tracking system that simplifies the hiring process and helps organizations manage candidate information in one place.

• Data Security: Ensures the protection of personal information through secure data transfer, storage, and access controls.

• Customizable Reports: Offers customizable reports that can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs.

• Integration with HR Systems: Integrates with popular HR systems, making it easy to access and manage information.

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How to Use HireRight:

Using is straightforward and involves the following steps:

1. Create an account: Visit the website and create an account to access the platform.
2. Initiate a screening: Once logged in, you can initiate a screening by selecting the type of screening you need, such as a background check, drug test, or international verification.
3. Enter candidate information: Enter the necessary information for the candidate you want to screen, such as name, date of birth, and contact information.
4. Review and approve: Review the details of the screening request, including the cost and turnaround time, and approve the request if everything is correct.
5. Monitor the process: will handle the rest of the process, and you can monitor the status of the screening in your account.
6. Receive the report: Once the screening is complete, you will receive a comprehensive report with the results.
7. Make an informed hiring decision: Use the information in the report to make an informed hiring decision.
Overall, makes it easy to initiate and manage employment screenings and verifications, helping you make informed hiring decisions quickly and efficiently.

What Information Does HireRight Provide?

A report typically includes the following information:

• Criminal Records: Includes criminal records check results, such as arrest records, convictions, and pending charges.

• Employment Verification: Verifies the candidate's employment history, including previous job titles, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving.

• Education Verification: Confirms the candidate's educational background, including degrees earned, schools attended, and graduation dates.

• Driving Records: Provides a summary of the candidate's driving history, including any accidents, traffic violations, and license suspensions.

• Drug Test Results: Includes the results of pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion drug tests.

• Professional License Verification: Verifies the candidate's professional license status, including any disciplinary actions or suspensions.

• Credit Report: Includes a summary of the candidate's credit history, including outstanding debts, late payments, and bankruptcies.

• Social Media Screening: Provides a review of the candidate's public social media presence, including posts, comments, and profiles.

Note: The information included in a report may vary depending on the type of screening and the specific requirements of your organization.

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HireRight Review: What Users Have to Say:

Overall, has received positive reviews from customers in terms of its accuracy, speed, and ease of use. Many customers appreciate the platform's user-friendly interface and the quick turnaround time for screening results. 


The platform is also praised for its robust security measures, which ensure the protection of personal data.

Customers also appreciate the customizable reports and the integration with HR systems, which streamline the hiring process and make it easier to manage candidate information. 


The wide range of screening services offered, including background checks, drug testing, and international verifications, is also highly regarded by customers.

On the other hand, some customers have expressed concerns about the cost of's services, which can be higher than those of other providers. 


Some customers have also reported that the platform's customer support could be improved, with some stating that response times were slow or that their questions were not adequately answered.

Overall, has a positive reputation for providing accurate and efficient employment screening and verification services. While there are some concerns about cost and customer support, the platform is generally well-regarded by customers.

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