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Top 10 Free People Search Websites to Use

Top 10 Free People Search Websites to Use
September 5, 2022

Do you have a new colleague or neighbor, and you want to verify the information they gave you about themselves? Or are you looking for a long-lost childhood friend? Whichever category you belong to when it comes to finding people or details about others, it is a simple walk in the park.

Thanks to the highly digitalized world we live in today, you can have all the information you require at the snap of your fingers. There are tons of information available on people from all over the world. 


All you need is the right tools and place to search. Interestingly, you do not need any sophisticated tool; your smartphone or internet-enabled device is enough to do the work.

There are several search websites and engines that specialize in connecting you to the right information you need about people globally. Here are some of the best free people search websites to use.


Google search engine is reputable for hosting almost all information on the internet. What makes google the perfect place to start your search is that it aggregates information from different sources to flip and scroll through. 

Google comes with a lot of sophistication that can ease your search and connect you with the information you are looking for. One of the best tools you can use on google is the google lens or reverse image search. It allows you to use visual images to narrow your search and get streamlined results.

a google search bar

True People Search

Unlike the Google search engine, is a specialized search website for locating detailed information about your search subject. The common components of the report include contact information, addresses, social profiles, police records, criminal records, etc. Using the True People Search website is not difficult. 


All you need to do is provide the name and location of your subject; in most cases, you can still generate your results without the last name. cover screen


Facebook remains one of the largest social media giants in the world when searching for people. It is a social media platform connecting people from around the world. Searching on Facebook provides a large database of people and, even more importantly, allows you to message them or connect directly.

What makes Facebook stand out as a free people search tool compared to other social media spaces like Twitter is that it allows individuals to use their first and last names instead of their usernames. This helps you narrow your search based on the name, and you can also crossmatch the names with a profile picture to be sure you got the right person.


a computer screen and a mobile phone open on a Facebook screen

Free People Search works efficiently in locating information about people. The free people search website provides quick and easy access to various public records, including:

- Arrest records

- Dating profiles

- Criminal records

- Contact information

- Marriage records

and more. You can tap into these records whenever you want, by using the full name and state in which your person of interest resides. You will receive a complete data report within minutes, and be able to access valuable information about others 24/7.


truepeoplesearch website cover photo

Family Tree Now

You are not alone in this world. Family Tree Now allows you to search and find out about your relatives. The search website operates by accessing public records, including birth, death, and even census records. The information provided is based on what is available on these public records.

Another cool feature of Family Tree Now is that it can help you create a family tree based on the available information. This way, you can connect with other family relatives.


the family tree now website cover

People Finders

People Finders is another amazing free people search website that provides information about the person you are looking for, including age, phone number, and even details about the person's relatives. In addition, the website has advanced search features that can streamline your search options based on the individual's age.


the people finders website cover


LinkedIn is another professional social network with millions of users and a large array of information about businesses and professionals. You can easily use this social network to get information about a new employee or your colleagues. It typically contains information like addresses, educational background, work history, current or previous supervisors, etc.

LinkedIn also allows you to quickly get the information you require through the filtering option. The filters help to streamline the returned search results by using keywords, locations, organizations, and industries.  


the LinkedIn website cover is one of the largest public records aggregators; it allows users to perform a free people search, and get access to public records in all 50 states. also provides a background check service, so you can use it to discover more about people’s past. 


The website’s free people search is name-based, so you need to provide the full name of the person in question, as well as the state in which he/she resides. Each search takes several seconds to several minutes to complete, and at the end of the search, you get a downloadable report. All searches are confidential, so no one but you will know what and who you searched for.


the website cover

One of the most extensive people search records today, provides its users with comprehensive access to public records. 


The online database resource allows its users to perform a free people search in all 50 states in the country. The directory is name-based, so you will need to provide the name of a person of interest. 


As the services on are unlimited, you can perform numerous queries, which is especially helpful when you are not sure how to spell someone's name. Every search is quick and comprehensive, with a report that users can easily download to various devices. 

free1 (1).jpg is a long-time runner, and one of the most professional people search directories today. Aside from the name-based option on the website, you can also use other services on the website to find credible information about people: a phone number search, an address search, and an email search.

GolookUp uses high-end technology to sift through billions of public records in minutes. Once the query is complete, users can download the report. Every search is accurate and credible, and GoLookUp operates according to FCRA regulations completely.


Another bonus is a 24/7 customer support service that provides help when necessary. Among other details, you can find valuable data on this site: criminal records, court records, contact information, marriage records, birth records, arrest records, divorce records, business records, and more. 

Golookup people search page



Numerous websites are offering and promising free people search on the internet. In this post, we have been able to put together some of the top leading free people search websites to aid your information finding.

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