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Alaska Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Alaska

Alaska Arrest Records: How to Find Arrest Records in Alaska
September 11, 2022

Every person arrested for an offense in the U.S state of Alaska has an arrest record. Alaska arrest records contain details about an individual's arrest history, detention, and interrogation by law enforcement agencies. 

However, an individual's arrest record is not the person's entire criminal history. This is because not all arrests result in charges or convictions. Nonetheless, in Alaska, arrest records include specific criminal history details, even though Alaska criminal records cannot replace them. 

Unlike some states in the U.S, Alaska does not have any counties; however, the most populated areas are known as boroughs.


Arrest records in Alaska are considered public documents, and any interested member of the public can request them from relevant authorities such as the courts, police departments, the Alaska Department of Public Safety, and the Alaska Criminal Records and Identification Bureau. 

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Alaska Arrest Statistics 

Arrest statistics in Alaska are collected by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR). The UCR is a joint effort by the state, local law enforcement agencies, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to report crime data within every jurisdiction. 

According to the Crime in Alaska Report for 2020, law enforcement agencies arrested 25,798 persons between 18 and above and a total of 1,067 persons under the age of 18. 


The offenses that had the most arrested individuals under age 18 include drug possession (98 arrested individuals), driving under the influence (33 individuals arrested), violation of alcohol laws (47 arrested persons), and other offenses (100 people arrested). 

The most common cause of arrest for persons between the ages of 18 and above was driving under the influence (3,028 persons arrested), aggravated assault (2,132 arrests), larceny (1,507 arrests), vandalism (947 arrests), and other assaults (4,352 arrests). 


Persons that can Access Arrest Records in Alaska

Arrest records are generated and maintained by law enforcement agencies in Alaska. Under the Alaska State's Public Records Act (APRA), every member of the public can access public records, including arrest records in the state.


Therefore, persons such as legal advisors, victims, insurance companies, subjects of the records, witnesses, employers, law enforcement agencies, courts, and every other interested person may apply for arrest records in Alaska. 


How to Find Arrest Records in Alaska

Alaska state laws make access to arrest records straightforward. The state of Alaska does not keep an official repository of arrest records; this means interested persons can apply for arrest records by visiting law enforcement agencies. 

However, some local law enforcement bodies provide arrest records on their websites. You can contact such agencies on how to obtain an arrest record. In addition, Alaska State's courts provide in-person, email, mail, or fax applications for arrest records. 

You can get a physical copy of an arrest record from the records department in the court where the case was filed. You can also apply for an arrest record using the request form of the court. The request is charged at $5 for the first part of the document, and all other parts cost $3. The research costs $30 per hour. 

Furthermore, you can find Alaska arrest records by visiting the platform. The website offers a free public record search, including past and current arrests, warrants, logs, mugshots, and arrest inquiries. 

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You can request an arrest record from any local law enforcement agency on the platform. For instance, the Alaska Court System records search allows you to search for arrest warrants from court records. You can search by full name and case number alongside leading zeros and dashes like this 3AN-11-00123CR. 

Another platform used in finding Alaska arrest records is Alaska's Court View, a site that offers access to public court records/documents. 


To utilize the site, you must provide the arrested person's name, arrest date, booking number, or location. This comes at a cost that is paid using Mastercard credit cards or Visa. Additionally, the court may delete certain records from public access, including:

* Records of alcohol-related cases involving minors 
* Records of cases resulting in acquittal or dismissal 
* Records of cases discharged because of lack of evidence or errors in the charging document. Etc. 

You can also find arrest records in Alaska by applying to the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau. The agency entertains name search requests and fingerprint identification requests. 


These will be used to extract the subject's arrest records from the bureau's database. A fingerprint request goes for $35 in Alaska, and extra copies cost $5 each. 

You can also submit a name search to the bureau either in-person or by mail. You must make your submission alongside a Criminal Justice Information form with a $20 fee. The bureau receives payments, check, or money order. 


Finding arrest records in Alaska has never been easier! Arrest records are public documents accessible to residents of Alaska. You can find arrest records in Alaska by simply following any of the techniques discussed above. 

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