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Alabama Marriage Records Search

Alabama Marriage Records Search
August 3, 2022

You have probably heard a dozen opinions debating whether it is reasonable to get married these days.

While more and more people lean towards not tying the knot, those who do might need a marriage certificate for several reasons.

Obtaining a marriage certificate requires notifying some respectful authorities, such as health, car, and household insurances; social security (in case your name is being changed); credit cards; and last but not least, the IRS.

This article will examine all sorts of questions about how to find marriage records online in Alabama.

What is inside Alabama marriage records?

As a rule, Alabama marriage records contain general information about the couple involved in the marriage ceremony. You need to differentiate between the two types of marriage records in Alabama:

Marriage License

The marriage license is a type of marriage record in Alabama, which is usually obtained before the marriage ceremony itself. It enables the eligibility of the parties to get married. The document is normally issued by a local authority, such as the county clerk's office.

Marriage Certificate

This type of Alabama marriage record is obtained after the ceremony. A marriage certificate proves the legitimacy of the marriage and contains the signatures of the witnesses and the couple.

Who is eligible to run an Alabama marriage records search?

As a rule, Alabama marriage records are public, meaning anyone who knows the county, the dates, and the couple's names could access them.

According to Alabama state law, the public can obtain marriage and divorce records free of charge. However, if you enquire about an Alabama marriage records certificate, the costs may vary from 6$ to 15$ for each additional copy.

These groups of people are authorized to run a marriage record search and retrieve a marriage certificate:

* Married Couple

Not only can a married couple run a free marriage records search, but also download all public and confidential marriage records in Alabama.

Parents, Grandparents, or Legal Guardians of the Married Couple

Close family members of the married couple are also allowed to run Alabama marriage records search unless stated otherwise by the court.

Children, Grandchildren, and Siblings of the Married Couple

Children and grandchildren of a couple are entitled to access Alabama marriage records unless ruled otherwise by the court.

Attorney of the Couple

According to Alabama law, an attorney representing the couple is authorized to obtain all kinds of Alabama marriage records online and physically at the courthouse.

It is worthy of note that a non-authorized group of people may only receive a certified informational copy of Alabama marriage records marked.

How to find marriage records online in Alabama?

If you have ever wondered how to find marriage records online in Alabama, you have the following options:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC should be one of the first sources you go to when aiming to run a free marriage records search. CDC is one of a few official bodies that keeps track of all Alabama marriage records and the church.

Since the information between the two parties registered their marriage is public and available to anyone, CDC allows you to run the fastest free marriage records search.

Alabama State Office for Vital Records

As a rule, any state office for vital records would allow you to find marriage records online and download the certified copies of the Alabama marriage records.

Bear in mind that CDC may provide information on marriage that occurred both inside the US and outside of it.

To find marriage records in Alabama, you need to know the following information:

Full name of wife and husband

Wife's maiden name

Date of marriage

County, the marriage license was issued

Name of applicant and mailing address

Phone number

Applicant signature

However, if this information is not known to you in advance, or only partially, you may run a background search on one of the spouses on a private independent search engine like to save time. Running a background check on the parties would provide you with the following information:

* Background Records

Phone Number

Public Records

Address Information

Police & Court Records

Social Media Accounts & Information

Marriage & Divorce Records

Unclaimed Money Database

Sex Offenders & Their Locations

* Privacy Program


Alabama Civil and Criminal Court Records

Remember: it is legally required by some states to fill request forms before running an Alabama marriage records search. Among a few other states, Alabama also charges a small fee to download Alabama marriage records online.

If you still have questions, contact the local CDC or any Alabama state office for vital records to get more information.

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